Baltimore Title IX Lawyer

Title IX is a federal law that is meant to prevent gender discrimination. This law’s focus is to ensure equal opportunities for students during the admissions process and in the athletics department.

The interpretation of this rule is broad and covers any actions which may affect a student’s ability to participate in an educational institution. Some Title IX violations are also crimes, which mean that the government and a university may pursue actions against you.

If the government is pursuing an action against you, you might need a knowledgeable attorney to ensure the most significant protection. The federal government can be aggressive when it comes to prosecuting violations of Title IX. The purpose of the law is to protect students from unequal treatment, which includes activities where students feel threatened or harassed.

You may find the services of a Baltimore Title IX lawyer immeasurable while defending against actions brought by a school or the government. Call an experienced defense attorney today for help with your case.

Purpose of Title IX

The federal government passed Title IX to ensure that students, regardless of their gender, could enjoy all the benefits that an educational facility has to offer. No person, whether they are a man, woman or transgendered person, may be denied participation in an educational program that receives federal funding.

Even though the prosecuted act may be criminal, Title IX is a civil action. Civil cases require a lower standard of proof, a preponderance of the evidence. This means that if the judge or jury believes there is a greater than a 50 percent chance the defendant committed the act, the actor is guilty.

Common Acts Related to Title IX Cases

If a student feels like the actions of another person alter their educational experience, they may request the university protect that student’s Title IX rights. The alleged actor may have raped, sexually assaulted or harassed the alleged victim. The school may pursue punishments against the so-called actor to protect the university’s federal funding.

Title IX University Penalties

If an educational facility believes that a person has harmed a student’s Title IX rights, the school may want to punish that actor. A student may have violated the school’s code of conduct. The school could hold a disciplinary hearing and find that the alleged actor broke a student rule and issue sanctions. Some punishments may include expulsion, suspension, being asked to leave student housing, and loss of scholarships.

Title IX University Process

During the investigation, the school may attempt to determine if the alleged conduct happened, and if so, what the university can do to stop future occurrences and eliminate the hostile environment. The school may provide an advisor to the accused, but that advisor may not provide adequate help. The accused must be prepared to present evidence and respond to questions by the alleged victim.

The process must be fair to both sides, sufficient, trustworthy and take place within a reasonable time. This means that the school cannot allow just one side to be represented or only allow one party to appeal a decision. But there is no right to a hearing at all. Also, if a person is facing criminal charges, anything said during a school disciplinary hearing could be used during a criminal trial.

Get Help from a Baltimore Title IX Attorney Today

You may find the services of an attorney helpful if a university disciplinary board is holding a hearing. It is possible that a representative may help you determine if a school’s Title IX policy is overly strict and unfair. If the school offers to provide an advisor, that advisor may not be as skilled or knowledgeable as a Baltimore Title IX lawyer and the school may not require that the advisor keep any information you give the advisor confidential. Do not approach such a complicated process alone. Instead, enlist the help of a lawyer who may be invaluable in ensuring your rights are protected to the fullest extent.