Location of Baltimore, Maryland

The following is information on Baltimore, Maryland including where it is in relation to other cities and what major roads run through it. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Baltimore or elsewhere in Maryland, call today and schedule a free consultation with a Baltimore criminal lawyer.

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Where is Baltimore in Maryland in Relation to Other Major Cities in the Area?

Baltimore, Maryland is located just outside the city of Baltimore and, with about 700 square miles of area, is one of the larger counties in the entire state of Maryland. Going from Interstate 83 toward Pennsylvania you have a lot of major areas such as Towson, where Towson University is, in addition to areas such as Reisterstown, Catonsville, Essex, and Dundalk. Baltimore County is the most populous county in Maryland, and there are a lot of young people and families due to all the schools.

Because of all this, it should come as no surprise that there is plenty of criminal law violations including everything from traffic violations to violations that end in civil court cases.bmore county map

Are There A Lot Of Highways Around Baltimore?

Yes, there are a few major highways that run through the area. The main highway is I-95 which goes down the entirety of the East coast. Then you have I-695 which essentially circles around Baltimore making it easy to get both in and out of Baltimore.

After those, you have 895, 795, and I-83 which are the biggest main interstates. Additionally there are some smaller ones that go through the county. So obviously there are a lot of major roadways that are in and around the Baltimore area.