Baltimore Student Defense Lawyer

Media may portray the college years as a time of boisterous fun or harmless pranks. Unfortunately, most people may not be aware that the school may punish students for unethical or criminal activities. Even if the government acquits a student for breaking the law, the school disciplinary board may still pursue punishments against the scholar. A student may need a defense against any government charges as well as any school code of conduct violations.

If you are a student concerned about your future or you know a student at risk, you may wish to speak with an experienced criminal attorney to learn more about your rights and what you can expect. Facing threats to your future may be scary. A Baltimore student defense lawyer who understands the criminal and academic disciplinary processes may be invaluable. You may find out that there are protections in place that you can rely on to aid you during this difficult time.

Student Code of Conduct Rules

When a student enters university, the educational facility may require the student to agree to follow a particular set of rules while attending that institution. Some prohibited activities include the following:

While some of these violations are not criminal, if the school charges a student, the student’s academic record may be severely affected. Plagiarism is when a student copies another person’s work or does not give credit when citing a source used for a school project. Academic dishonesty typically refers to cheating on a class examination.

A scholar may be unaware of their rights, which include bringing an attorney to any hearing conducted by the university disciplinary board. Because of the potentially drastic results from a finding of guilt, it may be in the student’s best interest to enlist legal representation.

Consequences for a Student Defendant

A student may have more to lose if the government accuses them of criminal activity. While a misdemeanor charge may not result in jail time, a court may still require the student to perform community service, be on probation or pay a fine. If the prosecutor presses charges against a student, that scholar may request a jury trial or may want to settle the matter through a plea bargain. Considering the complexity of the process, a student defense attorney in Baltimore may be invaluable.

Academic Charges

On top of the harm a criminal charge can bring, there are also the academic consequences that a student must protect against. A school may expel or suspend the student, which would stop the scholar’s education. The university may not allow the student to graduate. The student might not be able to pursue a graduate degree or obtain certain professional licenses. The school may force the student out of university housing and put a negative mark on the scholar’s academic record.

Reach Out to a Baltimore Student Defense Attorney Today

Once you are aware of the threats to your future or the future of a young student in your life, you may want to take action immediately. University is meant to be an institution that opens doors. The risks mentioned above may result in doors being shut temporarily or permanently. Your best option may be to speak with a Baltimore student defense lawyer.

An attorney may help you understand what you can expect and give you advice on how best to move forward and protect your interests. Schedule an appointment to learn more.