Baltimore Gun Lawyer

Gun charges in Baltimore can range from a possession charge, to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, to a firearm offense being added to a violent felony charge in the case of an armed robbery. Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, meaning that the laws that surround carrying and using a firearm in a crime could lead to jail time, expensive fines, and a criminal record.

For this reason, if you have been charged with a firearm offense, hiring a Baltimore gun lawyer should be your first step toward protecting your rights and your future. Call and schedule a free consultation today to discuss the facts of your case with a criminal defense attorney.

How a Baltimore Lawyer Can Help with Felony Firearm Charges

Maryland Criminal Code Section 4-204 specifically deals with the crime of using a firearm when committing a violent felony offense in Maryland. According to the statutes, on a first offense, you could face an additional misdemeanor charge on top of the felony offense that you have been charged with, which could add a minimum of five and a maximum of 20 years to your sentence. If the charge is for a second or subsequent offense, this sentence would have to be added on top of your initial sentence rather than being served at the same time. This could mean a much longer sentence than you would normally serve for the alleged offense. For this reason, if you have been accused of committing crimes that include gun charges, a Baltimore lawyer can work with you to build a defense for all the charges against you.

Other Cases Gun Attorneys in Baltimore Handle

Gun Attorney in Baltimore City

Because of how complex Maryland’s gun laws are, there are many other gun-related charges that you could potentially face, even if you are not accused of using a gun while committing a separate criminal offense. The most common types of gun charges have to do with possession or transportation of guns and can revolve around the location where you are accused of being when in possession of a gun.

There are other situations in which you could be facing gun charges as well, such as if you are accused of having a loaded weapon within reach of a young child. Most of these gun offenses are misdemeanors, but they can still involve jail time and end up on your record. A Baltimore defense attorney will work with you to devise a strategy that mitigates the impact of the gun charges on your life, including security clearance.

Carrying Concealed and/or Loaded Guns in Baltimore

In Baltimore, like the rest of Maryland, there are specific restrictions on how you are able to carry a gun and where you are allowed to carry it. According to Section 4-203, it is prohibited to carry a concealed weapon and to carry a loaded gun in your motor vehicle. There are some exceptions to the statute, but they are very specific and revolve around transporting an unloaded weapon to various places, whether you are a law enforcement official, or whether you have a concealed weapons permit.

What Guns and Accessories Are Illegal in Baltimore?

Under new regulations, there are certain types of firearms that you are no longer allowed to buy in Maryland, but you can own them if you bought them prior to June 1, 1994 or Oct. 1, 2013 depending on which type of gun you have. This is outlined in Section 4-303 of the Maryland code. Also forbidden are detachable magazines, which is outlined in Section 4-305, and some types of ammunition, per Section 4-110.

Where Are You Not Allowed to Carry a Gun in Baltimore?

It is also forbidden to carry your gun into certain types of places, even if you have a permit for the firearm. Specifically forbidden under Section 4-102 is bringing a firearm on to school property. This law applies to parents and staff as well as to students, but there are some exceptions for law enforcement officials. According to Section 4-208, other locations where it is prohibited to have a firearm include public demonstrations such as protests, union picketing, and speeches.

Value of a Working with Baltimore Gun Attorney

Regardless of the type of gun charge you are facing, you could end up with heavy fines and possibly jail time, as well as a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life. Even a misdemeanor charge can result in you having difficulty obtaining certain types of employment, maintaining a security clearance, and even getting approved for a loan. Due to these serious consequences associated with a conviction, having a Baltimore gun attorney on your side to help you fight your charges can give you the best chance at a positive outcome in your case.

Our gun attorneys have extensive experience defending those accused in Baltimore for all types of criminal offenses, including firearm charges. If you are facing a criminal gun charge in Baltimore, call our law office today to set up a free consultation.