Anne Arundel Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a drug crime, which may include financing the plan. This differs from other drug cases because it does not require any involved party to have direct or constructive possession of the product. It also differs because the plan does not have to be successful to warrant the charge.

If you have been charged with drug conspiracy in Anne Arundel, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced drug attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Anne Arundel drug conspiracy lawyer can assist you in crafting a case to properly combat any penalties you may be facing.

Investigation Process

Drug conspiracy investigations are large investigations that can continue for months. This is not usually the type of crime that law enforcement will stumble onto. There is a substantial amount of undercover work and a substantial amount of surveillance involved in these cases. Generally, in drug conspiracy cases, the target is likely a kingpin, so the states attorneys’ officer is going to take their time and do their due diligence to increase their chances of winning. The most common tool that is used by government agencies is surveillance. Confidential informants are key for law enforcement while they are working their way up the proverbial pyramid toward the person at the top.

With that said, there are still opportunities for a defendant’s rights to be violated, even when the amount of resources that the government has dedicated to the investigation is significant. An experienced Anne Arundel drug conspiracy lawyer will assess every situation against the constitutional guarantees to determine whether there is a violation of any Amendments.

Proving Intent

Intent is determined by the circumstances. Intent can be established by possessing smaller, heat sealing equipment, scales, or anything else that is commonly used for quick distribution. An Anne Arundel drug conspiracy attorney can attempt to disprove any factors of intent in an individual’s drug conspiracy charge.

Contacting a Lawyer

Similar to being charged with other felony charges, the accused individual needs an experienced lawyer because they are facing imprisonment. There is, however, no recommended action that is unnecessary in other criminal cases. It is necessary to seek an attorney that has had success in conspiracy cases in the jurisdiction that the accused is charged in.

The Anne Arundel drug conspiracy attorney should also be familiar with the prosecutors, the judges, and local customs. This will be beneficial to the accused because it increases the chance that the attorney can set realistic expectations for the case outcome.

Important Attorney Qualities

The accused individual should search for an attorney that they can trust, who speaks up for them to protect their interests, and who is in communication with them. Honesty is a key component in building the attorney-client relationship.

It is also important to have an attorney that discusses the client’s options, rather than giving directives on how to move forward so that the client is part of the process. The happiest clients are those that took an active role and were integral in assessing all of the evidence. Relationship building is important in a criminal defense attorney.