Anne Arundel Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug charges are taken very seriously in Anne Arundel County, especially those beyond the basic act of possession. Any charges that encourage the vast distribution of drugs are taken seriously and prosecuted seriously. A drug manufacturing charge in Anne Arundel County is the offense that an individual is involved in the manufacturing of a controlled dangerous substance. Often, just evidence of equipment alone is enough to convict an individual of the charge.

Penalties can be extensive so it is important to work with an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing lawyer. A skilled drug lawyer can help combat any charges their client faces with a solid defense.

Anne Arundel Drug Laws

If a person looks at the Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-602, then that is where they would find that someone may not manufacture a controlled dangerous substance in Anne Arundel, nor may they possess a sufficient quantity of any controlled dangerous substances. For instance, the volume may suggest the intent to manufacture, and that is the part that is imperative here—the suggested intent to manufacture narcotics.

Maryland Code also prohibits manufacturing and possessing instruments, equipment, or devices or a combination of those items. Those laws are the ones that are built on the strength of the case in the state because if they can show that an individual has the equipment, instruments, or the devices, they are going to have what they believe to be a strong case. It is elemental for what those codes say, not anything about how the investigation went.

An individual has to possess or an individual has to be in possession of a sufficient quantity of any controlled dangerous substance and the ability to manufacture it, specifically referring to the instrument, equipment, and devices. If someone is looking at the two sections and a person puts all of it together, they could be charged with this without even actually manufacturing a single narcotic or drug. An individual may not have produced any CDS whatsoever but because they have the instruments and the ability to do it, they can get charged with it.

Multiple Charges

If a person looks at all the drug charges, in general, if an individual is charged in the case like this of drug manufacturing in Anne Arundel, they are going to find possession with intent to distribute as well as just a simple possession of the narcotic. They are going to be charged with all of these individually in almost all scenarios.

It is not perfect but in almost all scenarios, an individual is going to get charged with all of those things because, at that point, the detectives and officers have gone through and concluded that they did possess an intent to distribute and they possessed the ability to actually manufacture because they have the equipment available to them. Just because an individual is charged with multiple offenses does not mean they will be convicted of all drug charges and an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing attorney can help ensure this does not happen.

Equipment as Evidence

If the equipment could be able to produce narcotics and it is considered a large quantity of distributable substances, an individual could be charged with violation of drug manufacturing laws in Anne Arundel County.

Having the equipment and being able to produce narcotics as well as having enough to show large quantities of the substance itself is where they can draw the inferences that the manufacturing of a controlled dangerous substance is either ongoing or an individual is in possession of everything that can be reasonably believed to be part of this. When this is alleged, an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing attorney must be contacted.