Anne Arundel Drug Distribution Lawyer

Drug distribution is the main focus of law enforcement throughout Maryland, particularly in Anne Arundel County, where a set of major highways is well known as a drug trafficking path. The penalties for distribution charges are incredibly harsh. The maximum penalty for the sale or distribution of a narcotic drug in Maryland is 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine, on the first offense.

For a second-time offender, the minimum mandatory prison sentence is 10 years and a fine of up to $100,000. The mandatory minimum continues to increase in 15 years increments for the third and fourth offense. These sorts of charges, as well as other drug charges involving large quantities of drugs, are taken incredibly seriously by law enforcement and therefore if you are facing any charge of the sort, it is crucial that you contact an Anne Arundel drug distribution lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a defense.

Law Enforcement

Anne Arundel County, like all counties in Maryland, has an interest in decreasing drug trafficking, possession, use, and anything else that is associated with drug sales and drug abuse. With that end goal, law enforcement has been more vigilant in recent years than they may have been in prior years in investigating and arresting those that are involved with the drug trade. To that end, local law enforcement has created the heroin task force, which county officials have publicized. As such,  law enforcement is watching more closely and staff in the states attorney’s office are looking for drug rings and drug distribution enterprises.

Constitutional Issues

Search and seizure is the primary constitutional issue that comes forward in drug cases. How the police come across the drugs is the most important factor in the case. The evidence has to be obtained in compliance with the Fourth Amendment so there are critical procedures in place for searching a person, their car, and their home or business.

To attack that issue most effectively takes skill and experience, and should only be approached by an Anne Arundel drug distribution attorney. The prosecution will use any evidence that it has at its disposal against a person that is charged with distribution.

Elements of the Charge

More often than not, drug trafficking cases involve multiple individuals from the top of the organization’s chain of command to the bottom.  In distribution and trafficking cases, everyone contests whether there was intent to distribute the drugs. Sometimes a client contends that the large quantity is because they make bulk purchases for personal use or have a substantial amount of cash that was not received from the drug trade. An experienced Anne Arundel drug distribution lawyer can help an individual prove their case.

It is possible to be charged with drug trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, and possession with intent to distribute simultaneously. The penalties for trafficking are more enhanced than the penalties for some of the other charges.

When drug trafficking occurs across multiple state lines, the accused can face charges in any jurisdiction that the crime occurred in or in federal court. If the charge is transferred to federal court, the penalties may be harsher and unlike state prisons, the person will be required to serve all of any prison time that is issued by the court.

How An Attorney Can Help

When searching for an Anne Arundel drug distribution lawyer in a distribution case, it is important to select an attorney that has been around the courts, is familiar with the prosecutors, and is familiar with the judges. Additionally, it is important that the defense attorney is comfortable doing criminal defense work, even when the client is not innocent. Further, an attorney in a distribution case should be familiar with what the local court finds is persuasive mitigation when a plea is being considered.