Annapolis Gun Lawyer 

While the 2nd Amendment enshrines the right to bear arms in the US Constitution, many states, including Maryland, have placed restrictions on gun ownership. While people may own some firearms, such as shotguns or hunting rifles without a license, other handguns and assault rifles require registration with the state. Even if a firearm is legally owned and carried, there are places in Maryland that a person can never take a firearm.

Additionally, the commission of many other crimes in Maryland is made worse if they are committed while using a firearm. Annapolis gun lawyers are here to help people to better understand their rights as gun owners and to protect individuals who are accused of improper use or ownership. Consult with a qualified defense attorney today to see what you can do.

Maryland Gun Laws

Maryland law creates a presumption that a person may not wear, carry or transport a handgun under Maryland Code 4-203. A violation of this law results in a minimum jail term of not less than 30 days or not more than three years. They may also be subjected to a fine of at least $250 but not more than $2,500. However, a person may legally carry a handgun if they are licensed according to the provisions in the Public Safety Code.

The application process involves a criminal background check, the payment of a fee, and 16 hours of training. But even if a person is issued the proper license, they may still be charged with a crime if the firearm is improperly used. It is illegal to bring a firearm onto any school property, regardless of any license possessed by the owner. Additionally, post offices, federal buildings, and prisons are also places that are off limits. Part of being a responsible gun owner is knowing where one may legally take their firearm. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware of these laws to be arrested for violating them. Talk to an Annapolis gun lawyer for more information on Maryland gun laws.

Aggravating Factors in Gun Cases

The possession of a firearm also becomes a legal problem if that gun is used during the commission of another crime. For example, a simple assault in Maryland Code 3-203 is classified as a misdemeanor. However, under Maryland Code 3-202 a person who commits an assault with a firearm faces a felony charge of assault in the first degree. A conviction under this statute prescribes a potential of up to 25 years in prison.

In other situations, a normally serious accusation is made all the more serious by the presence of a gun at the scene. Examples of crimes that face aggravating factors if a gun is involved include:

How an Annapolis Gun Attorney Can Help

Annapolis gun lawyers understand that people have the right to responsibly own and use firearms. However, Maryland has placed restrictions on how a person can legally do so for handguns and assault weapons. The ignorance of the law is no excuse, but in some situations, a person may be cited for improper ownership when they do in fact have a license.

In these situations, attorneys work with local prosecutors and police to establish the fact that the firearm was legally owned. In other situations, where an individual is facing other criminal charges related to the use of a firearm, an attorney will examine all of the evidence in the case to protect a person’s freedom. They will fight back against not just the gun charges, but also the underlying accusations at the core of the case. Contact us today to see how a lawyer can help.