Annapolis Domestic Violence Lawyer 

Annapolis domestic violence lawyers are available to assist a person move forward following accusations of family violence. Domestic assault in Maryland is not a crime listed in Maryland’s criminal codes. Rather, it is an otherwise defined crime that is committed against a family or household member. Therefore, a person will never be charged with “domestic violence.” Instead, they will be charged with another crime and it will be noted that the alleged abused party is a family member or housemate.

Depending on the actions of the alleged abused party, the court may also issue a preliminary protective order that may become permanent. Any allegation of a crime that involves domestic abuse is a serious matter that may forever alter a person’s family structure and financial future. Qualified criminal defense attorneys work to defend individuals from any underlying criminal charges and to plead their case against any permanent protective orders.

Getting Charged with Domestic Violence

When the police investigate reports of any crime, one of their first priorities is to identify all suspects and abused parties. When it is determined that the suspect and alleged abused party are related, or sharing a house, the case is marked as an instance of domestic violence. Generally, it is irrelevant what type of crime is alleged, but some common examples of charges that may be marked as domestic violence include:

  • Stalking
  • Attempted Rape
  • Assault
  • Threatening Bodily Harm
  • False Imprisonment

When a person is charged with a crime that identifies a family member as a victim, the alleged victim will be advised of their right to file a temporary protective order during the arraignment session. This protective order will have profound impacts on the pending case and potentially for the foreseeable future. Talk to a domestic violence attorney in Annapolis for more information.

Protective Orders in Annapolis

Protective orders are issued in cases where a person has a reasonable fear of imminent harm from the defendant. These are not automatically issued, however, and a person has a right to speak as to why the order should not be issued. The protective order can require the defendant to perform any number of actions including:

  • Stop all contact with the petitioner
  • Stay away from the petitioner’s work or school
  • Leave the shared home
  • Award temporary custody of children and pets

Tthe immediate impact of a protection order can be immense. It can kick a defendant out of their home, limit any contact with their children, and limit areas to which the defendant can travel. This order may also become permanent after a final protective order hearing to be held no more than seven days after the temporary order is granted. If this order is made permanent, all of the above listed may remain in effect for a period of one year. An attorney familiar with the laws surrounding domestic violence in Annapolis could provide more information about protective orders.

How an Annapolis Domestic Violence Attorney Help

Facing criminal charges that have been classified as domestic violence can permanently change a person’s life. Not only will the defendant face formal criminal prosecution for the underlying crime, but they may also face a battle against a protective order. This protective order can require a person to not only have no contact with the alleged victim, but also to move out of their house, not see their children, and limit areas to which they can travel.

Because of this, it is important to obtain representation that will protect a person’s rights not just against criminal charges, but any protective orders that may be threatening a person’s future. The Annapolis domestic violence lawyers provide this representation. They help individuals defend both their freedoms and family lives against charges involving domestic abuse. Call our firm today to get started.