Annapolis DUI Lawyer

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Annapolis means that a person was driving or was immediately in control of a vehicle while they were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, depending on the allegation. This would be proven by a blood score or breath score that results in 0.08 or higher, which is the legal limit for DUI.

DUIs are taken seriously, and there are many circumstances that are unique to Maryland, and particularly Annapolis. For this reason, it is crucial for a person facing DUI charges in Annapolis to contact an Annapolis DUI lawyer promptly. An Annapolis defense attorney can be immensely helpful in a person’s case by providing solid legal advice and assisting them in combatting the charges against them.

DUI Enforcement

DUIs are very heavily enforced in Annapolis. The downtown area has a lot of bars, and as a result, police officers are often on the lookout for people that may appear to be under the influence. As a popular area and strict enforcement, in some cases, the presumption is that a person may have been drinking so most officers that stop a person will presume that they were likely drinking.

Since DUIs are such a focus for law enforcement officers in Annapolis, they even have DUI task forces assigned to certain areas and locations because they are high-risk areas. These task forces have people that are specifically trained and go through extensive extra training to make sure that they can, in fact, enforce these laws at a higher degree of certainty and with a higher degree of professionalism. This higher degree of enforcement helps keep people from drinking and driving but also makes it even more important that those accused consult with a DUI attorney in Annapolis.

How These Cases Are Handled

Law enforcement officers and the Annapolis court system are very strict in how they handle DUI cases, including for a firstsecond, or third offense. The police state troopers are very well trained and take their duty to keep the roads of Annapolis safe very seriously. When a person drives under the influence, they can become a hazard on the road to both their own person, as well as every other person on the road. The court is aware of this and will keep this in mind when presented with a person charged with a DUI. If someone has further questions about how DUI cases are handled in Annapolis, a local attorney could explain the process in detail during a private consultation.

Officers work to keep the roads clean and clear of anything or anyone that could be a threat to the greater public, and if a person is drinking and driving, they are considered a threat to the greater public, and, therefore, it is the officer’s job to protect all of the citizens that would be sharing the road.

Help From an Annapolis DUI Attorney

As Maryland’s capital, Annapolis is a place of high attention. This makes it a very large focal point for how the State of Maryland operates and the laws that it follows. For this reason, a person charged with a DUI in Annapolis should contact an Annapolis DUI attorney as soon as possible. They can bring their experience from previous cases as well as their knowledge of Annapolis traffic laws to a person’s case in order to provide them with a strong defense.

Additionally, they can use their tools and experience to gather all possible evidence for the case to piece together the circumstances of the stop to begin with and the resulting arrest. The evidence could potentially include video and/or audio of the event. Ultimately, an Annapolis DUI lawyer can be immensely helpful to a person who has been charged with a DUI and can work to ensure they have the opportunity to combat the charges against them and to minimize the potential penalties of their charges. Call today to discuss your legal options with a seasoned attorney.