Annapolis Traffic Lawyer

Just because a police officer issues a ticket does not mean that a person is automatically guilty of that infraction. Even though most traffic tickets are only civil violations that have no prospect of jail time, all people have the right to contest those tickets in their local district court.

This hearing will take on the appearance of a mini-trial with the opportunity to present your own evidence and question the officer who issued the ticket. Annapolis traffic lawyers help people who wish to contest their tickets to properly request the trial, to prepare for this hearing, and to personally represent their interests in court. Talk to a skilled defense attorney today.

Ticket Appeal Procedure

All traffic tickets issued in the State of Maryland will contain a section instructing people on how they wish to plea. If people wish to admit to the violation, they simply check the box marked “guilty” and send the appropriate fine. However, all people have the option of requesting a trial on the merits of that ticket. In this case, they should mark the box titled “Request a Trial,” sign the ticket where indicated and send it to the district court traffic processing center.

That processing center will then mail out information concerning the date, time and location of the hearing. One thing that all people should be aware of is that whatever their decision, they have only 30 days to decide. If those 30 days pass, the ticket will be considered in default and a person’s license may be suspended and all right to an appeal will be forfeited.

Traffic Court Hearing

The date that is listed on the letter received from the processing center is technically the date of the arraignment, but it is likely that the actual trial will be held at this date. For this reason, it is strongly advised for people to be fully prepared to argue their case at this time with the assistance of an Annapolis traffic lawyer.

This includes presenting evidence of their own as to why they should not be held responsible and to be ready to question the officer who issued the ticket in person. The trial itself will consist of the officer testifying as to what they saw that led them to issue the ticket. The defendant will then have the opportunity to ask the officer any questions they wish about the incident.

The defendant will then have the chance to testify on their own behalf, as well as to call any witnesses who may be able to provide helpful testimony. After both sides have been heard, the presiding judge will issue a ruling. Even if a person loses their trial, judged have been known to treat them with leniency when it comes to fines and fees. In still other instances, the officer who issued the ticket does not appear and the defendant wins by default.

An Annapolis Traffic Attorney is Available to Help

While many traffic tickets can result in only minor fines and points on a person’s license, enough of these violations can result in a suspended license. Some traffic tickets are even criminal infractions that can land a person in jail. An Annapolis traffic attorney represents both people who are facing criminal driving charges and those who wish to appeal civil traffic violations.

People have the right to be heard concerning their innocence and our attorneys are able to plead their case with precision and force. A court will never appoint a public defender for a civil traffic violation, even if a conviction will mean a loss of a person’s right to drive. Take a step towards protecting this important privilege by calling and let an Annapolis traffic lawyers fight by your side.