Mistakes to Avoid in Annapolis DUI Drug Cases

There are many mistakes that an individual should avoid during an Annapolis DUI drug case starting with talking to law enforcement and revealing too much. Generally, what is presumed when someone is under the influence is that they may voluntarily give away information. However, to avoid self-incrimination it is important not to say any more to police than required until you are able to contact a defense attorney. Once a lawyer is contacted they can better advise an individual on what to say so that it does not come back to hurt their case later on.

Consenting to a Search

An individual should know that they do not need to consent to a search of their vehicle during an Annapolis DUI drug stop. This is one of the most common mistakes people make during an Annapolis DUI drug case.

Right now, if a person is suspected of a DUI and it is drug related, the odor of marijuana alone is enough to have a search done. This law may change soon, but right now is the legal standard. If a drug detection K9 search is done, then there are certain rules that come with it. This can violate an individual’s right of search and seizure, and the Fourth Amendment can apply.

Not Consulting With An Attorney

A seasoned attorney can assess every moment that the individual was held to the side of the road or kept on the side of the road, taken into custody, and the steps that each officer took in evaluating the person. Enlisting the help of an attorney can help an individual avoid common mistakes associated with an Annapolis DUI drug case and can determine what, if any, constitutional rights were violated, and more importantly, if the law enforcement has done everything correctly, how the client can be kept out of jail.

If the act is just out of character for the individual and is a simple mistake, although a big one, the defense can prove substantively that a client is deserving of probation before judgment because the person has no criminal history. If a defense attorney can prove that the individual does not have a bad traffic record but for maybe an occasional speeding ticket or something of the sorts, then the person may not have to go to jail.

Role of an Attorney in a DUID Case

There are two roles a defense attorney must fill at the Annapolis Courthouse. First, they must defend an individual against a charge that should not have happened and they are innocent, or if they cannot defend the stop, determine how the client can be kept out of jail. An experienced attorney may put their client into a drug and/or alcohol assessment program, such as AA or NA to help lessen the charge. If the client couples both of them together, the attorney can make a compelling presentation about how good the client is and how seriously they took the case.

Hiring an attorney will show a judge that the person cares about their case. It is important to not go to court and expect the judge to give an individual time to get a lawyer when they did not do it before the first appearance. A seasoned lawyer will be able to help a person defend their charge, and avoid any further mistakes associated with an Annapolis DUI drug case.