Annapolis Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Marijuana poses a unique issue for law enforcement due to the fact that it is slowly being decriminalized. However, the main difference between a marijuana and alcohol DUI begins with the time frame. Two people may smoke marijuana and drink alcohol at the same time, but the way it impacts their driving ability can be very different.

If you have been charged with a marijuana-related DUI, it is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Annapolis marijuana DUI lawyer will be able to gather all the relevant evidence in the case and mount a strong defense to help lessen any potential penalties.

Subjectiveness of the Charge

Marijuana does not have a distinguishing point to say for certain that a person is under its influence. It can also stay in a person’s system for over 30 days, and all the common ways in which people think they can wash it out of their system typically do not work. Marijuana could also stay in a person’s hair follicles for a substantial period of time as well.

The DUI charge is about the moment that individual is stopped and whether a person is under the influence then and there. This can often get confusing, as the rules and regulations to a marijuana DUI are still tricky. An individual should contact an Annapolis marijuana DUI attorney to ensure that their charge is defended both efficiently and effectively.

Research Process

Substantive tests and research are being done in Colorado, which is going to be the litmus test for a lot of states. The biggest hold up in the state of Maryland is concern over how marijuana would be treated in DUI situations. A lot of the tests have come back and said that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, but until there is an absolute answer as to how law enforcement can conduct a field sobriety test with marijuana, the drug will be incredibly hard to test.

The courts are trying to decide how they would be able to further a marijuana investigation if it is non-criminal. Law enforcement would not be able to get a warrant, so the laws would have to change in how warrants would be obtained. An Annapolis marijuana DUI lawyer can assist an individual in explaining the specifics of a marijuana DUI charge.

Training of Officers

With a charge of marijuana DUI, the trend is moving toward stricter enforcement. Officers will be trained with skills that they do not currently possess. When an officer starts, they will get an NHTSA handbook, which contains the most up-to-date knowledge that describes exactly what the model is for making a DUI arrest. This includes looking for a reason to stop a vehicle and then furthering the investigation through indicators. Officers always refer to their training, knowledge, and experience, which is obtained from the NHTSA manual.

It tells them not only what to look for, but what to do, what to say, how to testify in court, and how to write their reports. Officers learn everything they need to know about how they should progress, and what information they need to know to process a charge. Law enforcement officers are told to follow it exactly, and if a person gives them the impression they are under the influence of more than just alcohol, they have more reason to investigate.

An Annapolis marijuana DUI attorney can assist an individual in understanding the extent of their case, and what defenses can be employed to help minimize any penalties associated with the charge.