Washington County DUI Lawyer

A DUI arrest can be a frightening and frustrating experience. A Washington County DUI lawyer can provide you with information and walk you through the legal process in an attempt to make the experience easier. It is important to understand that a DUI arrest does not always lead to a conviction and that there are numerous factors that should be taken into account before taking a plea deal. A criminal attorney can work with you to determine how you would like to proceed and counsel you on potential defense strategies.

DUI Defenses in Washington County

In Maryland, as in many other states, a person may be arrested and charged with a DUI if he or she is found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater. In some cases, a person may be arrested with an even lower BAC.

Working with an experienced DUI attorney in Washington County can give you the opportunity to prepare a defense strategy that will aggressively challenge the DUI charges that you are currently facing. Each case is unique, but there are several common defense strategies that are often proven successful in DUI cases.

These include challenging the legality of the traffic stop, demonstrating faulty breathalyzer equipment, showing flawed implementation or evaluation of field sobriety tests, and illustrating other factors which could have made it difficult or impossible for a sober person to successfully pass a field sobriety test. Each of these defenses needs to be supported by proper evidence which a criminal lawyer can help obtain from numerous different types of resources including law enforcement officers.

Maryland DUI Laws

Under Maryland Code § 21-902, it is illegal to drive, operate, or attempt to operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

A driver may be charged with DUI if he or she is actually impaired by alcohol or drug use, or if he or she is impaired per se as determined by a BAC reading of 0.08 percent or greater, even if he or she shows no obvious signs of impairment.

It is important to understand that legal use of a legally prescribed drug—including medical marijuana—is not an affirmative defense to DUI. If you are taking a medication as prescribed, but the effects of the drug impede your ability to drive safely, you may be charged with DUI.

In Maryland, DUI as a first time offense is a misdemeanor, and the maximum penalty is a year in jail. The severity of the consequences associated with a DUI conviction increases as the number of times the person has been convicted increases.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer

DUI charges can carry heavy consequences, but there are also many defense strategies available to use. A Washington County DUI lawyer can act quickly to review the details of your DUI charge and begin building a defense strategy that will bring the optimal result to your specific case. Our legal team is available to listen to your side of the story and schedule you for an interview with one of our DUI attorneys located in Washington County.