Prince George’s County Reckless Driving Lawyer

If a person is driving in a manner which would be highly dangerous to not only themselves but others on the road, they are showing a willful disregard for the safety of other people and their property. It can even be something like it is snowing outside, and then the person is driving 10 miles per hour when the road conditions would warrant a reasonable person to drive 15 miles per hour.

Reckless driving is not always about speed, it is a reasonableness standard. So reckless would go under, or negligent would go under, how a reasonably prudent person would behave during the course of the situation. For instance, if a reasonable person would not be going 30 miles per hour then that could lead to reckless and negligent standards and so on. If an individual has been charged with reckless driving, they should seek the services of a skilled traffic attorney. A qualified Prince George’s County reckless driving lawyer could defend a person and help them contest their charge.

Reckless Driving Tickets

There is no specific ticket for reckless driving in Prince George’s County. It can be attached to DUI. It can be attached to speeding. Reckless driving is a ticket onto itself, so it can be attached to any other ticket where the person is not behaving in a reasonable manner. It involves more than just speeding, so the person can speed and not necessarily be reckless or a danger to one’s self. It just means that they are speeding. Reckless driving is if the person is doing things while driving that put others at harm for risk.

How Reckless Driving Offenses Are Treated

Depending on the jurisdiction, reckless driving offenses are taken very seriously. In Prince George’s County, if the officer does not show up, then the ticket can be dismissed. But the officer usually shows up. The charged individual might not even have to appear, depending on whether they want to contest the charge because reckless driving is not a must appear ticket. If the officer does appear the defendant and their Prince George’s County reckless driving lawyer could move forward and try to negotiate to see, if, at all possible, there is any way to mitigate the case.

Most likely, if a person got a reckless driving, they also receive other tickets, as well, which means that an attorney could ask the officer to dismiss the higher plea and fine offenses and simply ask for a lesser one that can be paid that does not have a severe impact on a person’s license. Reckless driving is still a payable offense. It will put six points on a person’s license and they could get a fine of up to like $1,000 but it still can be paid in most situations. Beyond the impact of the points on a person’s license, a reckless driving charge could impact a person’s insurance as well.




Role of a Prince George’s County Reckless Driving Attorney

The role of a Prince George’s County reckless driving lawyer can depend on the needs of the individual that has been charged. If the person decides to contest the ticket, an attorney could examine whether or not all of the elements of reckless driving were met or not. There can be mitigation to try to question the penalty, based on trying to stop or something like that. There are always factors to consider and elements to look at when evaluating a reckless driving charge. A local attorney may know the officers, could negotiate with the officers, and would be able to present a case in front of a judge. An individual should speak with a skilled reckless driving and know that they are in capable hands.