Prince George’s County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Being pulled over and issued a speeding ticket is frustrating. In many cases, drivers feel like they do not have any recourse but to pay the ticket. However, when you hire a Prince George’s County speeding ticket lawyer to fight the ticket, you may be able to avoid points against your license, increased insurance premiums, and other consequences that extend beyond the traffic fine. Below, a Prince George’s County criminal lawyer discusses the basics of a speeding ticket stop and hiring a lawyer for your case.

Do I Need to Hire An Attorney?

Whether or not it is in your best interest to hire an attorney to help with your speeding charges depends upon a number of factors. In some cases, a speeding ticket may not be a big deal. However, there are certain situations which make it very important to have legal counsel in fighting a traffic ticket. If you live out of state and you wish to fight the ticket, your Prince George’s County speeding ticket attorney may be able to appear and negotiate on your behalf, saving you the time and expense of traveling back to Maryland for your court dates.

Additionally, if you already have demerit points against your driver’s license, the accrual of more points may put your license in jeopardy or increase the car insurance premiums you pay. In such a case, hiring a lawyer to fight the speeding ticket may be more cost-effective than paying high insurance rates.

How to Conduct Yourself During a Traffic Stop

Getting pulled over can be nerve-wracking, but even if you think the law enforcement officer was wrong to pull you over, it is important to remain polite and courteous. If the officer asks if you know why he pulled you over, simply tell him or her no. Do not argue with the officer, and when you sign the ticket, know that your signature is not an admission of guilt.

If the ticket is for a minor offense like speeding, then you will have 30 days to either pay the fine or request a hearing or trial. A speeding ticket lawyer in Prince George’s County can help you determine the best course of action.

Options for Dealing with Your Speeding Ticket

Of the three possible actions to take in response to a minor speeding ticket, only one does not involve an admission of guilt.

Paying the Ticket

Paying the traffic ticket without fighting it is an admission that you were speeding, and the offense goes on your driving record, which is visible to your insurance company and places points against your driver’s license.

Waiver Hearings

A waiver hearing allows you to admit that you were speeding, but to explain mitigating circumstances. If the hearing goes your way, the judge may reduce your fine and keep the ticket off of your public driving record until you complete probation, which typically includes traffic school.

Fighting the Charges

The only way to truly fight the ticket itself is to request a trial. In this case, the officer who issued the ticket must show up in court to testify as a witness, and it is important to have a speeding ticket attorney representing you for the best possible result.

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