Pleading Guilty with an Explanation

If you have received a Maryland traffic ticket, you should know that you have three options for how to proceed. One option is to fight the ticket by pleading not-guilty. A second option is to throw in the towel and agree to pay the fine. The third option, which many people don’t know about, is to plead guilty with an explanation. If you are charged with a traffic violation in the state of Maryland, it is important to understand these options in order to make the most informed decision as to how to deal with the accusations. To learn more about these options, keep reading.

What is Pleading Guilty with an Explanation?

Traffic Cases - Pleading Guilty with ExplanationTo plead guilty with an explanation is essentially the same thing as pleading guilty. To do so means that you are taking responsibility for what you have been accused of and admitting that you did indeed break the law. However, the difference is that you are then arguing that there may have been a reason for the violation or some other circumstance which would make the normal punishment for the charges unfair in your case. There can sometimes be external factors in your life that led to your commission of a traffic violation and many judges understand that there are extenuating circumstances in certain cases. To plead guilty with an explanation is essentially asking the court to show mercy given the specific facts of your case.

Consequences for Pleading Guilty with Explanation

The benefit of pleading guilty with an explanation is that you may avoid punishment, or at least be handed a less severe penalty, for what you’ve been accused of doing. However, the downside is that the offense will end up being recorded on your driving record as a guilty plea. This means your insurance rates will still rise and your record will still be visible to those doing a background check. If you truly believe you should be considered innocent, then it might make more sense to plead not guilty and have your Maryland defense attorney try to convince the judge of why you do not deserve to be convicted. In order to determine if pleading guilty with an explanation is the best course of action in your case, you would be wise to consult with an experienced traffic attorney who can give you sound advice and help guide you through the process.

A Skilled Defense Lawyer Can Help

Navigating the Maryland traffic court system and be confusing and stressful. Deciding how to handle your traffic ticket, whether it be by fighting the charge, paying the ticket, or pleading guilty with an explanation, is a complicated process and you may be afraid of making the wrong choice. Experienced traffic attorney Seth Okin is ready and willing to help guide you through the system so that you can focus on moving on with your life. He has extensive experience defending people against traffic violation charges and can give you the best possible chance for a positive outcome in your case. Call his Maryland law office today at (410) 782-0742 for a free consultation and to explore your options for defense.