Costs of a Maryland Drunk Driving Charge

A common question among those who have been arrested for a drunk driving charge in Maryland, such as DUI or DWI, is how much the whole process will end up costing them. Unfortunately, it’s almost always a pricey ordeal, costing several thousands of dollars by the time it’s all said and done – even in the best of circumstances. Below is a list of some the expenditures associated with DUI and DWI. Some of these costs may be avoided if you retain a Maryland DUI trial lawyer with intimate knowledge of how cases of DUI and DWI are handled in the state’s criminal justice system.

Common Costs

  • Towing fees: The total cost for towing can vary greatly based on where you were pulled over and whether the arresting officer will allow you to simply leave your car in a nearby parking lot to be picked up later. If not, expect several hundred dollars to get your car out of a towing lot.
  • Court costs: This amount also varies based on your location, usually running several hundred dollars by the time it’s all said and done.
  • Bail: Whether you have to pay bail will depend entirely on your prior criminal record and the events of your specific arrest. If so, this could set you back several thousand dollars.
  • Ignition interlock: If you meet certain requirements, such as a multiple offender or someone with a high BAC, then you may be required to install an ignition interlock system in your vehicle before you will be issued a restricted license. The system costs around $150 to install with additional monthly fees of up to $50 for the duration of the installation.
  • Hearing with the Motor Vehicle Administration: If you choose to contest your charges, the Office of Administrative Hearings charges everyone $125 to hold a hearing. However, this cost is well worth it if you value your ability to drive, as contesting your license suspension at a MVA hearing is necessary to secure driving privileges.
  • Car insurance: One of the biggest expenses associated with a DUI or DWI is the huge increase that will likely occur in car insurance rates. These premiums will increase not only once, but likely will stay elevated for years after your offense. This can lead to a total bill of multiple thousands of dollars.
  • Legal fees: Given the severity of DUI and DWI penalties in the state of Maryland, it’s imperative to hire an experienced Maryland defense attorney who can represent your best interest and guide you through the complicated process. The cost varies depending on the specific facts of your case, but should end up being a few thousand dollars.


Most estimates say that a drunk driving charge could end up costing a Maryland driver between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on the severity of the charges.

When you are facing such charges, likely you are concerned with the state of your future including employment, driving privileges, and more. An experienced Maryland DUI lawyer can help put you at ease by assuming the burdens of the criminal justice system and explaining the complexities of the law. Moreover, such an attorney will greatly increase your odds of a good outcome in your DUI or DWI case. If you have questions and need some trusted advice, contact Maryland DUI attorney Seth Okin at (401) 782-0742 today.