Preparing for a Maryland DUI Trial

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, contacting a knowledgeable DUI attorney could benefit the overall outcome of your trial. A lawyer could help you begin preparing for a Maryland DUI trial by collecting information from you of the traffic stop and any other evidence from the alleged incident.

What Happens on the First Day of Trial?

On the first day of trial, it will be decided where a person has the trial, where the individual can enter a plea, and where the state can dismiss the case. Each individual case has a different outcome. People should begin preparing for a Maryland DUI trial by keeping in touch with their lawyer. With their counsel, they should begin seeking out as much information as possible– and giving that information to the attorney with regards to questions they may ask, background, employment information, character letters, and of course that alcohol assessment and education course.

Severity of a DUI Offense

The fact that there are serious criminal penalties that are involved with them. If a person is a DUI or a DUI per se, which is under the Transportation Article 21-902(a)(1) and Transportation Article 21-902(a)(2), the maximum penalty can be a year in jail and a thousand-dollar fine. When a person is facing that type of penalty, they have to take it seriously because it stays on a person’s record. 

What are the Social Implications of a DUI Charge?

Of course, people think of the person as a drunk, a danger to the society, a danger to the greater public. That is one of those stigmas that a person cannot get away from. Of course, there is the driving privilege, which is a person’s Maryland driver license. A person can be penalized either by a modified with restrictions for to and from work or to and from alcohol education only as well as straight suspension or the ignition interlock program, which could be a penalty depending on a person’s situation. A person needs to look at the specifics of all the facts related to them.

Potential Resolutions Before Trial

Those are put on the record at a trial date but the states attorney’s office can always reach out at any time. Whenever they decide to call or reach out and convey an offer, the accused’s attorney can convey that offer to my client and see if they will accept it.

A lawyer should only accept the deals that the accused has decided to take. Once a person goes to court, a person has to put it on the record, so when they are cited with a DUI, the expectation is the individual will be going to court. Once the person is let out of the station or barrack and the person takes a deep breath and sits down, they should call a lawyer to begin preparing for a Maryland DUI trial.