What Do You Look For in Maryland PWID Cases?

Below Maryland drug lawyer Seth Okin explains what he looks for when building a defense for a possession with intent to distribute case. To learn more schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

Important Things an Attorney Will Look For

I’m looking to find defects in the warrant. First, was the warrant issue in good faith? Second, when they went in, did they follow what the warrant said they could do? For example, was it a multi-story home and they were only supposed to search the basement because that’s where the alleged drug dealer lived? If they raid the top two floors and never touch the basement, then that’s the wrong way. Now, everything that they found is out because that wasn’t part of where they were supposed to look. It wasn’t in the on-going permission that they have at that point. They have to follow the rules of the warrant. They can’t just go in and do anything they want. That’s been the number one thing I work for is: What is the origin of what was found?

The first question that I asked is what alleged drug are we talking about. I want to know if we’re talking about marijuana. I want to know if we’re talking about cocaine, oxycodone, and meth. I need to know which drugs we’re talking about because it’s a different type of conversation depending on the drug.

Distribution is very different for each of them and what you’re found guilty of is very different. In addition, how much cash did they find on you? What was found and how does it all add up?

Constitutional Issues in Drug PWID Cses

That goes back to the search warrant. There can’t be a warrantless search if you’re going into a house. A vehicle maybe, but a warrantless search of the house? Not a chance.

So you want to make sure that the right to unreasonable search and seizure is protected. That is the number one constitutional issue.

Of course, you also have the right to privacy and that’s where wiretapping is involved. Did they have a good cause to use a wiretap?

What Makes You Qualified to Handle PWID Cases?

I’ve done plenty of them. I don’t know if there’s anything that would always make me more qualified than the next person.  I think what makes me different is the amount of effort and the amount of time I put into my cases and the distinct way I get everything done. It has to do with the kind of work ethic that I have and that’s just me.