College Park Gun Lawyer

The Second Amendment of the Constitution protects a person’s right to possess a gun. But along with those rights come strong responsibilities to handle guns carefully in order to protect the public. Firearms can cause massive damage and the Maryland government takes acts of gun violence or illegal possession of firearms very seriously. If the government has accused you or a loved one of violating a gun law, consider enlisting the services of an attorney.

A lawyer may be able to advise you of your rights and help you develop defense strategies that may be able to reduce or even eliminate certain charges against you. Dealing with the police can be intimidating and the legal process is complicated and difficult to navigate. Before any police or prosecutor interactions, it may be beneficial to speak with a legal representative who understands the system. A College Park gun lawyer may be the best way to protect yourself and your freedom.

Maryland Carrying Gun Laws

It is a crime to carry a firearm in Maryland, unless the carrier meets one of the following criteria:

  • The person is a police office, military officer or correctional facilities officer,
  • The person has a permit and is following the carrying laws as required by Maryland Criminal Code Section 5-307,
  • The person is transporting the gun home from a gun shop or gun repair shop,
  • The person had been hunting or engaged in some other lawful activity,
  • A collector is moving some of his gun collection,
  • The person is carrying the gun on their property,
  • The person is following a court order (MCC Section 4-203).

If a person violates this law, the government will punish a first offense as a misdemeanor and put the person in jail for 30 days, up to three years and may also order a fine of $250, up to $2,500. For a second offense, the court can sentence the defendant to at least one year in prison, up to ten years. For a third offense, the court can sentence the defendant to at least three years in prison, up to ten years. A lawyer familiar with these gun laws could help an individual better understand their charges.

Gun Possession During the Commission of a Crime

If someone uses a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, it does not matter if the gun wass operable at the time the crime was committed. In addition to the punishment the government may impose for the commission of the criminal act, the presence of a gun allows the government to add an additional punishment of five to twenty years in jail (MCC Section 4-204).

It is a crime to possess ammunition that explodes or is made of certain prohibited materials. The government can punish someone who violates this law with no more than five years in jail and $5,000 in fines (MCC Section 4-110). Anyone facing these types of firearm charges should retain an attorney right away.

Reach Out to a College Park Gun Attorney

Maryland Legislatures are concerned with gun violence and have designed the laws in order to effectively reduce the amount of crimes committed in their state. The state prosecutors and police take any infraction of the law seriously and pursue suspects to the fullest extent of the law.

If the police have spoken with you about a gun-related crime, you may wish to reach out to a College Park gun lawyer. An attorney may be able to offer you aid in mounting a defense against any possible attacks on your freedom and liberty.