Charles County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are serious, and as such, they are prosecuted harshly by the State of Maryland. Those with prior criminal convictions face harsher penalties than first-time offenders, and those convicted can expect to spend time behind bars and pay ridiculously high legal fines.

If you are presently facing sex crime charges, you must hire an attorney to represent you. A conviction could completely uproot your life as you know it, and it may be impossible for it to ever be the same. Do not gamble with your future and your life. Let an experienced attorney help you.

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Rape is arguably the most serious sex crime from a legal perspective. Those convicted of rape could spend a long time behind bars, and more than likely, make it impossible for convicted people to live a normal life following their release. Rape is defined as engaging in vaginal intercourse with another person by intimidation or force without their consent while doing one (or more) of the following:

  • Employing or displaying a dangerous weapon or an object the victim believes to be dangerous
  • Threatening to disfigure, kidnap, strangle, or kill the victim
  • Strangling, suffocating, disfiguring or inflicting injury on a victim in the commission of a crime
  • Committing the crime of rape with the assistance of another person
  • Committing the crime of rape while committing a burglary

First-degree rape is considered a felony, and if an alleged offender is convicted, they could spend a lifetime in jail. If the victim is below the age of 16, alleged offenders face a lifetime behind bars with no chance of parole. The penalty is also the same if the victim is below the age of 13 and the perpetrator is 18 or older.

Other Examples of Sex Crimes

Rape is not the only sex crime prosecuted by the state of Maryland. Individuals could also be charged with the following crimes:

  • Sexual Assault – Touching another person in a sexual manner without their permission
  • Sexual Battery – Having nonconsensual sexual contact with a person who is unable to give informed consent
  • Statutory Rape – Engaging in sexual contact with a person below the age of 16.
  • Sexual Harassment – Making unwanted sexual advances or comments towards or to another person.
  • Sex Trafficking – Moving a person from one location to another to engage in sex acts for money or material goods.

The state harshly prosecutes anyone convicted of sex crimes, and anyone charged with one or more of them should immediately contact a Charles County sex crimes lawyer.

Child Pornography

Child pornography is a major problem in society, and for this reason, anyone suspected of possessing drawings, film, writings, photos, or recordings can be charged with child pornography. If child pornography is produced while directly involving the child in it, the producer could also be charged with child abuse.

Consult a Charles County Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you have been charged with a sex crime, it is important to take the initiative and hire legal representation. Sex crime charges are serious, and if you are convicted, your life could be significantly altered. Your reputation in your community could also be permanently tarnished.

An attorney could help you better understand your legal options. Consult a Charles County sex crimes lawyer who could protect your rights.