Charles County Student Defense Lawyer

University conduct code violations could threaten your academic future. If these violations stem from alleged criminal conduct, you could also face criminal prosecution. No matter what accusations your situation involves, you may need to retain the services of a Charles County student defense lawyer.

In a criminal prosecution, you may risk high fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. In college conduct code proceedings, you may risk suspension, loss of scholarships, and even expulsion. Whether you are facing one type of proceeding or both, representation a criminal defense lawyer may be able to make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Criminal Charges for College Students

As college students often explore new-found freedom from parental control for the first time in their lives, they sometimes engage in conduct that lands them in trouble. In many cases, alcohol plays a significant part in criminal arrests and conduct code violations. Most college students are still under age 21, which makes any consumption or possession of alcohol illegal.
As a result, college students may face DWI charges, illegal possession and consumption charges, and offenses related to purchasing alcohol, often using fake IDs. Even college students who are over the age of 21 could still face alcohol-related charges, especially when providing alcohol to minors. Additionally, college students commonly face criminal charges such as drug possession, assault, sexual assault, and more.

Other College Conduct Code Violations

College students who are arrested but never face criminal charges, or whose charges later are dismissed, still may face conduct code proceedings. The mere fact of an arrest or allegations of illegal activities could lead to university disciplinary proceedings.

Non-criminal conduct might also lead to college conduct code proceedings. For instance, violations of social media policies, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty may very well result in conduct code violations. Regardless of the source of the proceedings, however, getting the legal advice of a student defense lawyer in Charles County may be wise. Defending Against College Disciplinary Proceedings in Charles County
College disciplinary proceedings differ markedly from criminal proceedings in various respects. While in a criminal courtroom, individuals have constitutional rights, such as the right to be represented by counsel.

Furthermore, the rules of evidence apply to criminal proceedings, which are designed to shield individuals accused of crimes from unreliable evidence and hearsay. Additionally, the state is responsible for proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before individuals can face a criminal conviction. Unfortunately, students have no such rights in college conduct code proceedings.

While college disciplinary proceedings vary somewhat from one university to the next, they do share some similarities. Students rarely have the right to counsel and no right to face their accusers. Evidence that would be inadmissible in a courtroom could be used against students to find that they committed disciplinary violations.

Potential Outcomes in Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Findings of guilt in college disciplinary proceedings could be extremely harsh. For instance, individuals could lose scholarships, student housing, and other benefits.

Furthermore, student disciplinary proceedings could lead to diminished opportunities in the future. Individuals may lose out on internships, volunteer opportunities, and employment. A student defense attorney in Charles County may be able to help students facing disciplinary proceedings to avoid or reduce these unwanted ramifications.

Consult a Charles County Student Defense Attorney for Help

Although facing criminal charges or allegations of student misconduct is never a pleasant experience, getting legal advice may improve your circumstances. You can learn about your legal rights and determine which opportunities for resolution of these matters may be available to you. A Charles County student defense lawyer could be instrumental in defending your interests and working toward a better outcome to your situation.