Cecil County Student Defense Lawyer

College is often a formative time in a young person’s life. It is a chance to explore the world, experience freedom as an adult and learn more about yourself and who you are. Unfortunately, students will sometimes become overly excited with their newfound freedom and engage in behavior that may put them at risk for misunderstandings and conflicts with college rules. There is also the dual problem of potentially having to deal with a college disciplinary board as well as the local legal system. No one wants to go to jail, but for students, even a hint of impropriety may have drastic effects on a student’s future and their experience at a university. Students may need to respond to accusations from the school board and the police.

A Cecil county student defense lawyer could help with both situations and may be able to help the student build a solid plan of defense to mitigate or avoid certain consequences from both fronts. If you or your child were accused of committing any offense, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Schedule an appointment and start building a comprehensive defense today.

Common University Crimes

A Cecil County student defense lawyer may be able to help a student with any criminal matter, but there are common crimes that police often accuse students of committing:

It is possible that a school may start proceedings against a student even if the police have not arrested the student for a crime. A student may also violate the school code of behavior, which may include noise violations, dormitory room violations, cheating, or plagiarism.

Effects of Criminal Convictions

Any criminal accusation carries with it the risk of the government putting a scholar in jail, on probation or ordering them to pay a fine. There are also consequences which affect the student’s future dreams, such as not being able to attend institutions of higher learning, such as law school, or being allowed to receive certain accreditations or licenses.

The university board may ask the student to leave student housing, place a permanent negative mark on the student’s school record, suspend or expel the student.

As a Cecil County student defense attorney can further explain, students may also risk losing their driver’s license or the government or school may force the student to take rehabilitative classes. Lastly, a student may have job offers withdrawn.

The Criminal Process For a Student

Unless the student is under the age of 18, the government will charge the student as an adult. The government can even charge people under 18 as adults depending on the situation.

A student has the right to know the charges brought against them, have a preliminary hearing, take advantage of the rules of criminal procedure and request a jury trial. It can be difficult for an unrepresented person to ensure they adequately protect their rights.

A student may be able to avoid criminal prosecutions by alleging certain defenses or making a smart plea bargain. A student may also have the school board disciplinary committee to deal with.

Students have the right to a Cecil County student defense attorney at these proceedings, which may also be vital for the student to avoid or lessen the potential punishment the school board may be thinking about giving.

Speak with a Cecil County Student Defense Attorney

Misunderstandings and mistakes should not be allowed to ruin a young person’s future. It is important to take any threat to a scholar’s goals and dreams seriously. A student should take immediate action if the police or school board has accused a student of any alleged wrongdoing.

Make sure you speak with a Cecil County student defense lawyer who may be able to help you figure out what defenses are available to you and how best to approach the situation you are facing. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Call today.