Cecil County Fraud Lawyer

Fraud crimes are unique compared to many other common offenses in Cecil County. The intent of the person accused plays a huge role in determining whether a violation may be proven. It could be crucial to collect and preserve evidence involving intent quickly when someone faces fraud charges.

When you work with a Cecil County fraud lawyer, your attorney could begin investigations right away to secure the best available evidence. A skilled criminal defense attorney may also provide valuable advice about how to avoid taking actions and making statements that could jeopardize the case.

An Overview of Fraud Offenses

Due to a large number of crimes that may involve fraud, listing them all can be difficult. Fraudulent behavior also plays a role in many torts which are actionable in civil court. For the same fraud offense, a person may face criminal penalties and could be forced to pay civil restitution.

At its most basic, fraud could occur when someone intentionally deceives others in order to reap personal gain. The classic stereotype of a con man provides multiple examples of fraudulent conduct. Someone pulling a con on others may pretend to have qualifications that do not actually exist and entice people to provide money to invest a project that also does not exist, or with which they have no legitimate connection.

If the person accepted investment money with the sincere belief that it would be invested as promised, the actions might not be considered fraudulent at all. This may be true even if the investments failed. One important aspect of fraud crimes is that the person committing the crime must intend to deceive others. A fraud attorney serving Cecil County could challenge the prosecution’s claims that an accused person intended to commit fraud.

Different Types of Fraud

The state criminal code devotes an entire title to different types of fraud crimes. These are divided into various subtitles including laws governing:

  • Bad checks
  • Credit card crimes
  • Identity fraud
  • Public fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Crimes against estates
  • Financial crimes against vulnerable adults
  • Other types of commercial or miscellaneous fraud

Some of the crimes are misdemeanors while others are treated as felonies. The amount of money involved in either case may determine the severity of the crime. In other situations, it may be the type of action the determines the severity of the penalties. A Cecil County fraud attorney could explain the potential penalties of any fraud allegations a defendant is facing. A person could also seek out an experienced attorney who specializes in the specific type of fraud they are accused of.

Common Fraud Crimes in Cecil County

Credit card crimes are extremely common throughout the country, and Cecil County is no exception. Taking a credit card that belongs to another with the intent to use it, sell it, or transfer it to a third party is considered credit card theft under Maryland Code, Criminal Law §8-204. This is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $500.

If the person who takes the card uses it fraudulently by pretending to be the cardholder, that person may be charged with a felony under Maryland Code, Criminal Law §8-206. The severity of the offense may depend on the value of the goods or services fraudulently obtained. If that amount is less than $1,500, the offense is typically a misdemeanor. But if the amount is more, the crime could be treated as a felony with a potential sentence of five, 10, or 20 years in prison.

Identity fraud crimes are also common in Cecil County. These offenses involve deliberately assuming the identity of another person, either fictitious or real, to obtain goods or services, access health care information, avoid payment of debts, and other purposes. The penalties for these offenses are typically similar to those for credit card crimes. If someone has further questions about the potential penalties associated with a fraud charge, they should contact a Cecil County attorney.

Consult with a Cecil County Fraud Defense Attorney

Allegations of fraud could wreak havoc with your life. If people feel that cannot trust you, the complications may interfere with everything from finance to your personal life. It may be a good idea to take proactive measures to address concerns head-on.

With the help of a Cecil County fraud lawyer, it may be possible to build a defense case to fight criminal allegations. Call now to learn more by speaking to a seasoned attorney.