Severity of an Anne Arundel Drug Manufacturing Charge

There is a strong resolve from the government all the way down to the state’s attorney’s office to prosecute Anne Arundel drug manufacturing cases to the fullest extent of the law. A majority of the drug manufacturing cases an individual may come across involve heroin. It has become a severe issue in Anne Arundel that law enforcement is aggressively pursuing. Not only is law enforcement penalizing such conduct, but is also focusing on treatment measures for those individuals involved.

If an individual is charged with drug manufacturing in Anne Arundel and it is brought as a felony, it will be indicted to circuit court. Due to the severity of such a charge, an individual should not hesitate before hiring an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing lawyer to begin building an effective defense.

Manufacturing of Marijuana

For the states that have legalized marijuana, it is sometimes difficult to understand how the drug manufacturing of such a substance will be treated under the law. It is still a Schedule I narcotic in the federal government, which must be considered when discussing the severity of the charge. Marijuana is sometimes considered a gateway to other drugs. Depending on the court, they may either prosecute the case harshly or not as severely as other drugs.

In Anne Arundel, they have issued licenses for the manufacturing, growth, possession, and selling of marijuana. Although it is something that is regulated by the state, federally, it is illegal. Right now, the federal government has a hands-off policy as it relates to the severity of drug manufacturing charges in Anne Arundel.

If an individual is doing something that they have been given permission by the State of Maryland to do, a person would suspect that there would be no criminal activities as a result of such actions.

Interstate Commerce

Since Maryland legalized marijuana, an individual that is growing it and staying within the confines of the State of Maryland would not be criminally prosecuted if they stayed within the borders of the state. If they sell something, however, or something is traced out of state back to them, then it becomes a problem.

Potentially, the individual is committing interstate commerce. This is the regulation of the federal government.  It is important to look at each individual situation as to the who, what, when, where, why, and how to determine the exact penalties associated with the charge. Those five basics are what an attorney would want to break down from the beginning in order to prepare a strong defense.

If an individual is going to participate in that type of conduct and has permission to do so, they should be barred from any criminal punishment. Leaving the state, however, will open an individual up to charges that they may not have been expecting.

To understand the severity of an Anne Arundel drug charge and investigate any potential defenses, it is important that an individual consults with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

Drug Task Enforcement Units

To combat drug manufacturing charges, many counties now have drug task enforcement units that focus particularly on the prosecution of these cases. These task enforcement units have built a good working relationship with the officers, which aids law enforcement in investigating, charging, and obtaining a warrant as quickly as possible.

Many of these drug task enforcement units then work with the attorneys to begin prosecuting an individual on a drug manufacturing charge. These units can gather important information to begin building a case against an individual. The primary reason that these two entities are working together is to show the public that Anne Arundel drug charges are treated incredibly severely. This prosecution measure is meant to deter any individual’s from committing such a drug crime in the future.