Penalties of an Anne Arundel Drug Manufacturing Charge

In Anne Arundel, the penalties for drug crimes are incredibly harsh. Law enforcement officers in Anne Arundel are clamping down on anyone they believe may have anything to do with the drug trade, has knowledge of a popular drug route, or knows individuals who continually find themselves connected to drugs.

If an individual has been convicted once before of a drug manufacturing charge in Anne Arundel, the prosecution will most like seek out a felony charge. The goal for law enforcement is to find the individuals in charge of the drug manufacturing trade. To do this, the police will attempt to prosecute as many people as they can.

To defend against such a charge, an individual should not hesitate before contacting an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing lawyer. An experienced attorney can help build a case to help lessen any charges you may be facing.

Potential Consequences

If an individual is in court and finds themselves facing penalties for a drug manufacturing charge, distribution charge, or possession with intent charge, they should not hesitate before contacting an experienced attorney. When determining such penalties, law enforcement will often look at the drug schedules.

Drugs are categorized in schedules, ranging from one to five. Those are the federal government guidelines. If an individual is charged with a schedule I or schedule II crime, which are both felonies, the maximum penalty for such an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing charge is 20 years in jail and a $2,500 maximum fine.

If the individual has a prior conviction, the penalty goes up.  Further, if the drug crime deals with a schedule III, IV, or V drug, the penalty for such an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing charge is a $15,000 maximum fine and five years in jail.

Aggravating Factors

If an individual receives a conspiracy with manufacturing charge to dispense transport, and if law enforcement finds them to be at the top of such a drug charge, the felony will be associated with a million dollar maximum fine, and between 20 and 40 years in jail. Such penalties for a drug manufacturing charge in Anne Arundel depend on how the individual is charged.

Law enforcement will ramp up the penalties for an Anne Arundel drug manufacturing charge depending on the circumstances. It is important to understand that the penalties themselves are quite high with regards to trafficking drugs, depending on the schedule as to which the drug in question belongs to. In these cases, marijuana is separate from all other kinds of illegal drugs.

Marijuana Charges

The penalties associated with a drug manufacturing charge in Anne Arundel concerning marijuana is a bit milder than with other drugs. There have been substantive changes in public policies and public perception that concern the drug. Maryland classifies possession with less than 10 grams as a civil offense, meaning that it is not criminal. If an individual has greater than 10 grams, it is a misdemeanor so long as they do not have more than 50 pounds of the substance.

If the individual goes above 50 pounds, then they are charged with a felony in their Anne Arundel drug manufacturing charge. Unless the individual is considered a kingpin, lives close to a school, this is a subsequent offense, or there is a minor present, the penalties may be much more severe. The dispositions in court have a tendency to lean on if an individual has prior convictions or not, what their history is, if any, and then what particular drug is in question.