Montgomery County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious felony offense that can result in imprisonment upon conviction. If you are facing a robbery charge, it is in your best interest to seek legal guidance. A Montgomery County robbery lawyer could represent you and fight on your behalf for the best possible legal outcome.

Several different criminal offenses are categorized as types of robbery under the Maryland criminal law code. Other offenses related to robbery include armed robbery, carjacking, and armed carjacking.

The penalties for armed offenses are more severe due to the presence of a weapon, so it is for your benefit to seek legal advice or representation from an experienced theft attorney if you are charged with armed robbery or armed carjacking.

Robbery Laws and Penalties

The offense of robbery is similar to theft in that property or services are taken without permission or authorization. What differentiates robbery from theft is direct contact between the accused individual and the property owner.

Theft is committed in the absence of the property owner, while robbery involves directly intimidating, coercing, or forcing the property owner to hand-over property or to provide a service against the owner’s will.

Section 3-402 of the Maryland criminal law code identifies both robbery and attempts to commit robbery as felony crimes. The penalty for a conviction of robbery or attempted robbery is a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery involves the use or possession of a dangerous weapon while committing robbery or while attempting to carry out a robbery. A dangerous weapon could include a firearm or a knife, for example. The penalty for an armed robbery or attempted armed robbery conviction is a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

The dangerous weapon does not actually have to be used for a crime to be charged as armed robbery. Merely being in possession of a weapon while committing or attempting to commit robbery is sufficient for an armed robbery charge. Further, claiming to have a dangerous weapon without actually displaying it still constitutes armed robbery.

Carjacking and Armed Carjacking

Section 3-405 of the Maryland criminal law code describes carjacking as taking unauthorized possession of a vehicle by force, violence, or the threat of force or violence from another person who is in lawful and actual possession of the vehicle.

Armed carjacking involves the use of a dangerous weapon to carry out the unauthorized taking of a vehicle from another person. The penalty upon conviction of carjacking or armed carjacking is a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Let a Montgomery County Robbery Attorney Assist You

Being charged with robbery is a serious situation, and it is to your benefit to seek legal counsel rather than try dealing with the charge on your own. A lawyer who is familiar with robbery laws in Montgomery County could prepare a reasonable defense to the charges against you.

A Montgomery County robbery lawyer could also ensure your constitutional due process rights are protected.

Whether you are facing charges for robbery, carjacking, armed robbery, or a related offense, an attorney who handles robbery cases could provide the legal guidance you need to have the best chance of securing an optimal outcome in your situation. Contact a robbery attorney today for assistance with your case.