Maryland Robbery Lawyer

Contact a Maryland robbery lawyer if you have been accused of robbery. Robbery is more serious than simple theft, and if convicted the penalties will likely take away your freedom and have other long term implications on your life. For this reason, you need to respond in a strategic and informed way to try and reduce the consequences of conviction or avoid being convicted at all. A robbery lawyer in Maryland will help you as you navigate the response to your charges. Call today and schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Maryland.

How a Maryland Robbery Lawyer Can Help

A Maryland robbery lawyer can provide you with legal representation from the time you are under investigation for robbery until the resolution of your case.  It is possible to raise defenses to robbery by arguing you did not make threats or did not carry anyone’s property away. You could also try to introduce doubt about the version of events the prosecutor is presenting to a jury. If you make the jury question the credibility of witnesses or otherwise express uncertainty about your actions, you should not be convicted in a U.S. legal system that requires guilt be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

A robbery lawyer in Maryland can also speak to the prosecuting attorney on your behalf to try to negotiate a plea deal when you don’t wish to take your case to trial. To learn more about how a Maryland robbery lawyer can help you, speak with a Maryland robbery attorney from our firm today.

Robbery Laws in Maryland

Maryland Code Section 3-401 defines the offense of robbery. You may be charged with this offense if:

  • You obtain the services of another person by force or threat with the intent not to pay for those services.
  • You feloniously take property directly from another person through the use of violence or threat.
  • You feloniously take property directly off of someone’s person with the intent to only return it for compensation, to appropriate part of it for yourself, or to dispose of it so the owner cannot locate it.

The distinction between robbery and other theft offenses is that you take something directly from another person and/or use the threat of violence or actual violence. Taking an item off a store shelf is theft; asking a clerk to empty a cash register at gunpoint is robbery.

You do not have to actually be violent in order to be charged with robbery. If you are accused of stealing something while making a person feel afraid, you could be charged with this offense.

Maryland Robbery Penalties

Maryland’s penalties for robbery are some of the most serious in the United States. Robbery is considered a felony and penalties vary depending upon whether you used a weapon while committing the offense or not. If convicted, you could face:

  • 20 years incarceration if you used a dangerous weapon to commit the offense (Section 3-403)
  • 15 years imprisonment if no dangerous weapons were used (Section 3-402)

You can actually face 20-years incarceration, even if you do not actually have a weapon, if you are accused of using a written instrument claiming you are armed. Handing a store clerk a note saying you have a gun could be sufficient to be charged with robbery using a deadly weapon under Section 3-403)

A Maryland robbery lawyer can help you to determine what types of penalties you may face for your particular charges.

Call a Maryland Robbery Lawyer to Learn More

Facing criminal charges can be far less intimidating when you have an experienced legal resource on your side throughout the process.  Contact a Maryland Robbery lawyer to help protect your rights, and put forth the strongest possible defense. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case.