Maryland Expungement Lawyer

The expungement process includes removing peoples records from public inspection. This effectively gives an individual a clean arrest record, because it will be as if the record never existed. In Maryland, records in the Motor Vehicle Administration files, police files, and court files may be expunged. If you would like your record expunged it would be in your best interest to contact a knowledgeable criminal attorney. A Maryland expungement lawyer can help build a strong argument, and increase the chances of getting your record removed, so you can get back to living your life.

Common Reasons for Record Expungement Cases

Individuals typically pursue an expungement of their record when they are applying for a new job – on most job applications, there is a question regarding whether or not they have ever been convicted of a crime; when they are applying for a loan for a car, housing or school – some companies may believe that if they have a conviction on their record, they are less likely to meet their financial obligations; or, they travel frequently outside of the United States.

As a Maryland attorney  can attest, an expungement is a more extreme measure. Someone’s records are destroyed and there is no evidence that they were convicted of a crime. However, in comparison, when their record is sealed, it still exists, but it cannot be assessed through normal methods. Only a court order to unseal their records will allow for the records to be accessible to anyone. Although the record still exists, they can legally deny your conviction.

What to Know About Maryland Expungement

Three things people should know about Maryland expungements are, one, they should make sure that the petition is fully completed and all of the information is accurate, especially their full name, date of birth, and address. Two, it is in their best interest to request a background check before and after their petition for an expungement. They want to request one before to obtain the correct dates of their arrest and to determine what is on their criminal history that can be expunged. They want to request one after the process is complete to check that the expungement went through and the records are no longer appearing. Three, they should remember to file the petition in the appropriate jurisdiction and at the appropriate time, because if they file the petition incorrectly, their expungement may be denied and they will not receive a refund on the filing fee. An experienced expungement attorney in Maryland can help ensure that a person does all three three of these during the entirety of their case.

Cost of Having a Record Expunged

In Maryland, there is a non-refundable $30 filing fee to file a petition for an expungement, even if the person is denied. If they have financial difficulties, they can request a fee waiver from the court. However, if they are filing a petition for an expungement based on a verdict of not guilty or an acquittal, there is no charge to file the petition.

Contact a Maryland Expungement Attorney

If you have questions regarding expungement or would like to get your own personal record cleared, you should contact a Maryland expungement lawyer as soon as possible. The benefit of a knowledgeable expungement lawyer is a necessity if you are in need of your record removed from public inspection.