Howard County Speeding Ticket Offenses 

Howard County speeding ticket offenses, although some may regard them as minor, can be intense. The standard speed limits in Howard County vary depending on where a person is driving. On residential streets, the speed limit could be anywhere between 25 to 35 miles an hour, but highways would include speeds of 65, which is standard everywhere. If you need more information on speed standards and offenses, talk to an experienced speeding ticket lawyer today.

Common Locations of Speeding

A lot speeding tickets are written on Columbia Pike, which is known as 29, and in residential areas. Police officers will often be around schools and residential areas to catch speeding ticket offenses in Howard County.

Types of Speeding Offenses

Basic speeding tickets in Howard County are issued when a driver would have just the traffic infraction, usually payable, because it is not a “must appear” ticket. A driver will receive a fine and/or the points associated with the ticket if a person decides to pay the ticket without going to court.

There are more severe tickets which require an appearance in court. These are usually outside of speeding or not stopping at stop signs. Common occurrences of “must appear” tickets include no proof of insurance and other related instances.

Going Five Miles Over

Any driver can be pulled over, at any point, for going even one mile over the speed limit. One mile over the speed limit is an infraction. It is up to the Police officer’s discretion if the person will be stopped or not. One mile over the speed limit could get a person a ticket. Law enforcement in Howard County tends to be especially strict as well. It is important to remember that Howard County speeding ticket offenses are stringent.

Issuance of Speeding Tickets

There are speed cameras which provide the owner of a vehicle with a ticket in the mail. This method does not ticket the driver. The equipment cannot prove which driver is which, so that speeding offense in Howard County can be challenged in court.

Some officers will set up speed traps to pull people over, which is very common to catch speeding offenses.

How a Howard County Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help

It is highly likely that an officer in Howard County will appear in court. If the officer does appear, then the matter will move forward. There is a possibility to negotiate with the officer to see if they will reduce the offense. For example, if the driver was going 30 over, the individual may ask the officer to drop it down to 20 over, which is only two points as opposed to five points on a driver’s license.

An attorney is able to help the driver prepare for any possible trial, will advise the driver that talking to the police is not an option, will try to negotiate with the officer to knock the ticket down a level to limit points being applied on the driver’s license.

The officer does not make the final decision. Even after negotiating with the officer, the judge has the ultimate decision, but it does help to have the officer on your side. Talk to a local attorney for more information on Howard County speeding ticket offenses.