Howard County Prostitution Lawyer

You might be embarrassed or fearful if the police arrested you for prostitution. You may be worried about jail time, probation, and your reputation in the community. A misunderstanding or being in the wrong place could result in the police pursuing charges against you. These issues do not go away on their own. You may need to deal with the police and state prosecutor to protect your freedom and future.

Speak with a Howard County prostitution lawyer if you have criminal charges pending against you. Your attorney may be able to help you build a solid plan of defense and negotiate on your behalf with the government. You have rights which the police may have violated, and you may also have arguments which could keep you out of prison. It is up to you to ensure you adequately protect yourself.

Legal Definition of Prostitution

The legislature of Maryland defined prostitution as engaging in some “sexual act, sexual contact, or vaginal intercourse for hire” in the Criminal Code §11-301. A sexual act does not include any medical procedures performed by penetrating a person’s genitalia. Sexual contact includes actions which are done for sexual pleasure but do not involve penetration of a person’s genitalia.

Assignation is the act of making a plan or appointment to engage in prostitution. Solicit means inviting, encouraging or forcing another person to engage in prostitution.

Criminal Act of Prostitution

The government may charge someone with prostitution and any other applicable criminal act. The government might convict someone of prostitution or assignation if they engaged in some related act knowingly, according to Criminal Code §11-306. For a first offense, the court may find an actor guilty of a misdemeanor and subject that person to up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $500.

House of Prostitution

Any involvement with a building used for prostitution is also a misdemeanor subject to the same punishment as a conviction for prostitution. It includes the following acts:

  • Owning, organizing, operating, maintaining, or staying in a house of prostitution,
  • Letting another person use a structure as a house of prostitution, or
  • Allowing someone to enter a building to engage in prostitution.

Profits from Prostitution

It is also a crime to take or receive the proceeds that a person earned from engaging in prostitution, as noted in Criminal Code §11-304. An example would be someone who participated in behavior commonly performed by a pimp. A court may send someone convicted to jail for up to ten years and order a fine of up to $10,000. The heavy penalties associated with this charge is why it is critical for defendants to obtain the services of a prostitution lawyer in Howard County.

Minors Engaged in Prostitution

It is also a crime to engage the services of a person under the age of 16 or to hide a person under the age of 16 for prostitution, as found in Criminal Code §11-305. This act is a felony, and if the court convicts a person, that person may go to jail for up to 25 years and pay a fine of up to $5,000.

Let a Howard County Prostitution Attorney Assist

Though the media may glamorize prostitution, it is a serious matter to the police. If you are worried about possible charges, you may require the services of a Howard County prostitution lawyer. You do not want to serve jail time or pay hefty fines.

Speak with an attorney to learn about what penalties you may be facing and the best strategies to protect your interests. You have plans and dreams you need to guard. Do everything in your power fight for the best possible outcome.