Parents’ Involvement in Howard County Underage DUI Cases

Although a parent may want to be very involved in the defense process of their child’s DUI, ultimately, their child is the client. The parent or parents can come and sit in the consult with regards to information loosely about the DUI itself, but these confidential conversations are to be between the attorney and the defendant.

In the case of an underage DUI, their son or daughter is an adult who made an adult decision. Even under the age of 21, they made the decision to drive under the influence, and they have to answer to that decision. Additionally, consultations usually involve conversations about what could possibly happen or what the worst case scenario is, so there is a limited role for the parents. Parents, therefore, have to allow their children to take the reins of the case, meaning meet with their Howard County underage DUI lawyer, listen to their lawyer, and take their lawyer’s advice.

Attorney-Parent Interaction

There certainly can be a difference if the defendant is under 18. Especially with regards to minors, there is a different type of involvement for parents in these Howard County cases.

An attorney has an obligation to the defendant, and there may be things that they do not feel comfortable talking about in front of their mom or dad. Therefore, it is important that the attorney separates them from their parents so that they can speak freely to their attorney.

How Parents Can Help

The bottom line to parents is that these are their children and they can make mistakes, but the most important thing is to stand by them and give them the support that they need to get through it.

These are young, impressionable people and they do not have a parental kind of grasp on the world or even an adult’s full grasp on the world. They made a mistake and now they are going to learn the hard way of what can happen.

Parents, therefore, really need to give them all the support to be successful, and even the alcohol assessment programs. These programs are available to minors and can be very helpful. The education courses that come with them show the importance of making the decision to avoid peer pressure. They are a necessity because they help influence good choices and can prevent future jail time.

Picking a Lawyer

Parents are somewhat part of the process of getting a good lawyer. Children do not need a lawyer to yell at them, force them, and push them. They sometimes need someone to give them more encouragement and more counseling. They are looking at this point for someone who understands the situation and, if necessary, can strong-arm them a little bit and get them into that better path to do positive things.