Important Facts About College Park DUI Charges

DUI charges in College Park can be detrimental to personal and professional relationships alike. These charges can also be financially crippling. It is important when facing DUI allegations to contact a qualified College Park DUI attorney who can help mitigate charges and minimize the negative implications of the charges on their client’s personal and professional life. There are some important aspects of DUI cases that a lawyer can help their client understand.

Top 3 Things to Know About a DUI Case

The number one thing to know is that DUIs or DWIs are taken very seriously in College Park. They are prosecuted very harshly and the disposition of judges on people who are found guilty is very stern. Number two is that knowing all of that information, a person needs to get an attorney immediately; they can’t wait. They must take it seriously because if they come into court having done nothing and ask for continuance to obtain counsel three months later, the judge is not going to be very happy and may not give the parson an opportunity to come back. They may find that the person waived their right to an attorney and will prosecute that day.

It is the state’s attorney who is a trained attorney and knows the rules of evidence against a person who has never been in law school environment and knows nothing about evidence or procedure. That person is going to lose. When they do, the judge is going to be very, very harsh with the penalty because the person wasted time not doing anything.

A person will be completely unprepared and will not know what to say in mitigation in preventing the judge from putting them in jail. With all those things missing, the judge will put the person in jail that very day.

Hiring a College Park DUI Attorney

The last thing to remember is that none of being arrested and charged is meant to scare a person. The fact that a person was charged should be scary enough to show they must be very serious and contact a lawyer right away. Lawyers don’t try to scare people to hire them.

Lawyer’s Role Throughout the Process

If someone hires a lawyer, the lawyer works for them. That is the way this relationship really does survive. The client understands that they are not working for the lawyer; they are not doing what the lawyer tells them. An attorney will make very intelligent decisions along the way that the client understands and that they have been explained, that they have told the lawyer to make for them or they are following certain instructions and things to do to be well prepared for court should we not win or should we choose to enter a plea.

A attorney doesn’t make these decisions outright. The clients make all the decisions. A lawyer can waive those decisions good or bad to the court. The client can get an offer that they want to take. If it is a good offer, that is fantastic. Some clients take bad offers, but they want to do it. It gives the lawyer an opportunity to speak to a judge and in most cases it works out very well. But the client doesn’t know when they get the best offers. The clients will always be in charge and if an attorney educates them, they will make great decisions.