Third Offense DUI in College Park

A third time DUI in College Park is worse than a second or a first offense. Someone who has committed a third offense is showing repetitive conduct, something habitual, so they are indicating that they cannot be trusted. A judge in a third time DUI case will likely consider the driver unfit to drive, due to their inability to avoid these same mistakes. It is very hard to argue these cases in front of a judge, because they will not trust the individual at all, at that point. It makes it very difficult for the individual to say or show the judge that they have changed their conduct. In these cases the judge is usually considering jail time, and how much of it might be necessary to send a clear message to the driver. In these situations, it is imperative to hire a lawyer right away.

Where Third Offense DUI Cases are Heard in College Park 

Third offense DUI charges in College Park will be heard at the District Court. All these cases start at the District Court, whether a first, second, or third offense. Sometimes, however, it may be a better idea to take the case to the Circuit Court. These charges are certainly a serious offense and there are larger penalties, something a Circuit Court Judge has more experience with. A driver may want to protect themselves by getting in front of a judge who sees these more serious matters and other matters that are more serious than the District Court does on a regular basis.

Possible Defense Strategies

Protection from the penalties associated with these charges is of the utmost concern. By now the driver probably has a good idea how these cases work and knows that what they need is a strong defense. If the driver does have a drinking problem that has not been properly diagnosed or they have not been given the opportunity to really address it, they can explain that. An experienced attorney will know how to explain that and show the efforts that the individual has made.

That is where the assessments can sometimes be wrong the first or second time, it can be judged that the drinking problem is not a big deal. However, when a driver is charged a third time, it is not by chance that they get stopped. No judge will believe that and there is obviously something erratic in that behavior. Honest attorneys protect their clients and tell them they have a problem, and get them situated into the right program to protect them.

Still, an attorney should not just give up on their client. Clients hire an attorney to keep them out of jail, to fight for them and their rights and to win the case. When the attorney cannot do this, maybe they will look to plea, but if they can win, then they should take the case to trial.

Possible Penalties Associated with Charges

In College Park, a third DUI offense is going to involve jail time. A third DUI offense will be a year in jail and a $1000 fine. The Office of the State’s Attorney will file the proper paperwork to show that someone is a repeat offender and they will be asking for penalty enhancements. If they file that request then the driver could face a maximum of three years and a $3000 fine.