Baltimore DUI Substance Abuse Evaluations

While facing a DUI conviction in Baltimore, there may be several methods an accused person could use to decrease the severity of potential penalties. Attending Baltimore DUI substance abuse evaluations could help you convince a judge you understand the seriousness of any criminal allegations thrown your way. Speak to an experienced attorney about classes you could take that may strengthen your defense for DUI charges.

Benefits of Undergoing an Evaluation

A person who undergoes a DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation in Baltimore could learn more about themselves. They might realize that they have stress, which is something every person deals with differently, and may even learn coping tools. To get an evaluation, the person could go to any licensed certified therapist. While an evaluation may not have anything unique in it, it should typically be conducted under the same federal national standards.

Attending an Alcohol Education Course

An Alcohol Education Course is set up to educate a person in a number of ways regarding the basic principles of drinking. If they have a drink, a course could teach them to ask:

  • How will the drink affect them?
  • How much did they have?
  • What is in that drink?
  • How is drinking going to affect them if they have nothing to eat or if they did have something to eat?

Alcohol education could also teach a person about:

  • Making good choices
  • Not drinking and driving
  • Using their Uber or Lyft app
  • How to avoid getting another DUI

Potential Advantages of Enrolling

Taking an Alcohol Education Course could show ownership of a possible mistake. A person may wish to show a good moral character in court. This may include showing:

  • They made a mistake but owned it
  • They have a lawyer
  • They have completed an Alcohol Assessment Evaluation
  • They have completed or are completing an Alcohol Education Program
  • They are reliable, so the judge could take a chance and give them Probation Before Judgment (“PBJ”)

When considering a PBJ, a person may wish to consider that it is something they could earn and might be something that they qualify for. It is under the judge’s discretion whether to give the person a PBJ or not. Not putting a conviction on the defendant’s record is a favor the judge could do. Even if it is a person’s first DUI, they may not automatically get a PBJ.

An attorney could help a person understand which substance abuse evaluations program may suit their case best following a Baltimore DUI conviction.

DUI School

There are a number of DUI Education Programs throughout the State of Maryland which may be run through the Department of Health or through private entities. They would typically be in compliance with Maryland’s coding or licensing for what constitutes a course.

While attending DUI School is not mandatory, it may be in a person’s best interest to get an assessment, an evaluation, and enroll in some course if they are charged with DUI. Since a person could go to DUI school voluntarily without a court order, they are recommended to attend and complete the course before their court date.

Traffic School

Traffic school is the equivalent of a Defensive Driving or Driver Improvement Program. Driver Education programs are typically designed to ensure drivers are being safe on the road.

Online Class Options

There are online DUI courses that could be utilized by people. If someone travels extensively and would never be in the same place very long or if they are in the military, an online course for the State of Maryland may come in handy. While there are sites that are approved, many are not.

Speak with an Attorney About Substance Abuse Evaluations

Speak to a Maryland DUI lawyer if you have any questions about Baltimore DUI substance abuse evaluations. An attorney could go over the list of approved online courses prior to enrollment. Call today to schedule a consultation