DUI Charges in Baltimore

Like the rest of Maryland, Baltimore takes DUI charges very seriously. As the biggest and most populated city in the state, there is a lot of traffic moving inside and around the city, increasing chances of a serious accident. To discourage people from potentially driving while under the influence, Baltimore prosecutors and courts are very vigorous. Begin building a defense as soon as possible by contacting a Baltimore DUI lawyer.

Driving Under the Influence in Baltimore

Driving under the influence in Baltimore County means that someone was driving, operating, or in some other way in control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The distinction between driving under the influence and driving while impaired has to do with the alcohol content in your systems as well as the penalties that you can face.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a more serious charge than driving while impaired and requires a breath test that has a result of at least 0.08 of alcohol in the system of the driver and that the driver was in fact in control of or driving the vehicle. Even if someone is just sitting parked in the driver’s seat, but they are under the influence and their keys are in the ignition, there is still a possibility they may be charged with a DUI.  You can blow 0.06, 0.07, even a 0.05, in rare circumstances, and still be charged with a DUI in Baltimore.

Driving while impaired in Baltimore is a less serious offense than a DUI. Someone may be charged with a DWI offense if their blood alcohol content is anywhere between 0.04 and 0.07.

Baltimore DUI Enforcement

Baltimore law enforcement officials take DUI offenses very seriously. They want to discourage people from driving while under the influence and potentially putting innocent bystanders at risk. Since Baltimore is also the largest city in the state of Maryland, and a hub for entertainment, police officers also realize there are often a lot of pedestrians out on the roads as well. As a result, local law enforcement officials very heavily enforce DUIs by using roving patrols, sobriety checkpoints, as well as other officers’ observations of individuals leaving popular bars or restaurants and getting into their vehicles. Officers utilize all of their resources to enforce these laws.

DUI checkpoints can be common in Baltimore. Police officers will have them set up on major roadways. They’re done in areas that have a high volume of travel, or are near locales where people are known to go out to restaurants and/or bars.

Major DUI Checkpoints

You should always be careful on I-95 and I-695. Additionally, be wary of roads like I-795 and I-83. Those would be the bigger roadways that run throughout Baltimore County. Local police officers will be extra vigilant in high traffic volume areas and that are heavily traveled. They’re not as common as they have been in the past; Baltimore County has really slowed down. The majority of checkpoints have been in the Towson area, near and around York Road.