Anne Arundel County Solicitation Lawyer

A criminal charge for solicitation —typically associated with a prostitution charge — can be shocking for you, as well as for your family members, friends, and co-workers. Although a variety of different behaviors could constitute solicitation, in order to arrest you, an officer has to make a judgment call that simply might not be correct under the circumstances in existence.

Just because you are facing a criminal charge for solicitation does not necessarily mean that enough evidence exists for a judge or jury to convict you. You might also be able to raise several legal defenses to the state’s case against you.

The potential penalties upon conviction for solicitation and prostitution crimes can be significant. An experienced Anne Arundel County solicitation lawyer could review the circumstances behind your arrest and criminal charge, explain your legal options, and help you pursue the best course of action going forward. Reach out to a seasoned criminal attorney today.

Defining Solicitation Under Maryland Law

Maryland Law strictly prohibits individuals from engaging in prostitution or solicitation anywhere in the State — including in Anne Arundel County. The term assignation is another term which is interchangeable with solicitation in the criminal context.

Solicitation or assignation means arranging an appointment for prostitution to occur. Moreover, if an individual engages in some act while pursuing or setting up a prostitution appointment, that act might also constitute solicitation

It is illegal in Anne Arundel County to encourage, induce, urge, request, or command solicitation. Contact an Anne Arundel County solicitation lawyer to determine if a particular activity constitutes solicitation under the Maryland Criminal Code. 

Proving Solicitation Has Occurred

In a criminal case, the State’s attorney has the burden of proving that solicitation occurred. The State, however, does not need to demonstrate that a monetary exchange actually took place. If the prosecutor can show that the accused merely made an offer of solicitation, that alone is sufficient to obtain a conviction.

Moreover, it is not necessary that sexual contact even take place between individuals. A police officer could charge a person with multiple counts of solicitation for the same act.

Entrapment Defense to a Solicitation Charge

In some cases, law enforcement officers set up “stings” to try and charge individuals with solicitation, prostitution, and other related sex crimes. Police may set up these operations online by posting an ad or setting up a meeting between an undercover officer and a suspect. Some officers will even pose undercover on the street in an attempt to get a suspect to engage in assignation.

In cases where officer entrapment likely occurred, the accused or their Anne Arundel County solicitation attorney might be able to advance this defense in court.

Entrapment is a complete defense to a criminal charge, meaning that if the defense is successful, it could result in the solicitation charge going away, along with a complete dismissal of the criminal case pending against the accused.

Call an Anne Arundel County Solicitation Attorney Today

A solicitation conviction can get you in a lot of trouble. Since solicitation is a misdemeanor, a conviction could lead to a maximum of one year’s incarceration and/or a $500.00 fine. A conviction could also negatively impact your reputation in the community.

An Anne Arundel County solicitation lawyer could pursue a dismissal of your charge and work to minimize the consequences associated with any criminal conviction.