Anne Arundel County Prostitution Lawyer

The law in the State of Maryland treats prostitution and other sex crimes very seriously. However, just because a state prosecutor is charging you with prostitution does not mean that a judge or jury will find you guilty or convict you of the charge.

If you have been charged with prostitution or a related sex offense, your first step should be to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. An Anne Arundel County prostitution lawyer could speak with you about the circumstances surrounding your arrest and help you work on a defense to advocate in court at your criminal trial. A lawyer could then represent you at the trial of your criminal matter and during all other legal proceedings, including sentencing hearings.

How does the Law Define Prostitution?

Prostitution is one of several sex-offense charges that a person could face under Maryland law. The law in Maryland defines prostitution as offering sexual contact, sexual acts, or vaginal sex for hire.

In addition to a prostitution charge, the accused could face related criminal charges, such as for soliciting prostitution, receiving a prostitute’s earnings, or occupying a structure for purposes of prostitution. Generally speaking, the more charges, the higher the penalties a judge could impose upon conviction.

What Constitutes “Sexual Acts” for Purposes of Prostitution?

To incur a prostitution charge, the accused must offer a sexual act for hire. Many different types of behaviors could qualify as sexual acts, including the following:

  • Anal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Acts performed to sexually arouse or gratify another person

To commit a sexual act, a person need not take even a single article of clothing off. Furthermore, the determination as to whether a particular activity constitutes a sexual act is extremely subjective.

An Anne Arundel County prostitution attorney could determine whether a particular activity likely satisfies the legal definition of a sexual act.

Defending Against Prostitution Charges

Many times, it is hard to decide whether or not the accused’s activities amount to prostitution. In any criminal case, including one involving prostitution, the State prosecutor has the burden of proving the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

To defend against a prostitution charge, an experienced Anne Arundel County prostitution attorney could argue that a particular activity fell outside the legal definition of prostitution. Such a defense could be sufficient to introduce reasonable doubt into the case, such that the prosecutor cannot sustain a conviction against the accused.

In other cases, the accused could allege that a police officer was engaging in a “sting operation” or some other form of entrapment.

A prostitution lawyer in Anne Arundel County could assess whether the State has a good or bad case and explore some options for possible legal defenses. A defense lawyer might be able to argue that the State’s attorney has not met their burden, that the accused cannot be convicted, and that the court should dismiss the criminal case in full.

Call an Anne Arundel County Prostitution Attorney Today

Even though prostitution is only a misdemeanor in the State of Maryland, a conviction could still result in extremely harsh penalties. An Anne Arundel County prostitution lawyer could help you make the best of a bad situation and work to minimize the consequences associated with your criminal prostitution charge or conviction.