Anne Arundel Drug DUI Charges: Defense

To start building a defense against a drug DUI charge, speak with an Anne Arundel DUID attorney immediately. A lawyer can guide you through what’s needed to craft a reliable defense and how to avoid some pitfalls that may harm your case.

Mistakes to Avoid in Anne Arundel DUID Cases

With regards to DUI cases, it is important for anyone that has been stopped by law enforcement to say as little as possible. You only will have to hand over your license and registration. Standard field sobriety tests are done by request. You do not have to submit to them. As far as a breath or blood tests, you can refuse to submit to them as well. Most people submit to the tests to show that they are not under the influence, but unfortunately a lot of these tests are designed for you to fail. Your rights are inherent and the less you say the better off you typically are.

Involuntary Intoxication as Defense

Involuntary intoxication is a very, very difficult defense to prove. You would almost have to show that something was slipped into your drinks unknown to you and that is the only reason that you are under the influence. Ideally, it is a drink that is not alcoholic, but more often than not it is a drink in a bottle that is left unattended. These things happen, but they are very difficult to prove. Hiring an Anne Arundel DUID lawyer by your side might make trying to prove that defense a little bit easier.

Just because you don’t know the effects of a drug does not prevent you from having the knowledge that you took this particular drug or that it could have some adverse effect on you. For prescription medication or over-the-counter medication there would be a warning about drowsiness or operating machinery. Those warning would make it even more difficult to establish that your impairment was involuntary or unbeknownst to you. If you change your prescription to a stronger dose, the best time to do it is over a weekend or take it at nights to see how you feel the next day. Take as many preventative measures as possible to avoid putting yourself in harms way of a DUI charge.

Refusing Blood Tests

You can absolutely refuse blood tests when asked by Anne Arundel drug DUI lawyers. You do not have to comply with these. You can refuse straight out. The presumption that you are hiding something may certainly come with that. What they could do if they are really willing to do so is try to get a warrant for blood tests. If a judge is willing to sign that and execute the warrant, the next step for them would be to do that. Outside of that, there is very little else that they would be able to do.

Hire an Anne Arundel County Drug DUI Lawyer

Because of the specifics involved in how these cases can be proven and how specific the 12 step DRE protocol is, how specific the interaction of multiple officers would be in this particular situation is it is very exacting on how this has to be done. Again it is very important to have someone who knows how to address these, which is why hiring an Anne Arundel DUI drug attorney will be a good idea.