Anne Arundel Drug DUI Lawyer

In Anne Arundel and throughout Maryland, it is absolutely possible to be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. In most cases that involve intoxication due to legal prescriptions or over-the-counter medication, a DUID is not prosecuted any differently than an alcohol-related DUI. However, in cases where illegal, controlled substances are involved, people may be facing more than a DUI charge; they might also be facing drug possession charges.

The arrest process is also very similar to the arrest process for alcohol-related DUI. Speak with an Anne Arundel DUI lawyer to learn more about drug DUI cases.

Common Substances Involved in Anne Arundel DUID Cases

The penalties for a DUI range from under the influence to impaired, so the maximum penalties depending on how the charge comes in can vary. But being under the influence or being impaired by a substance is really irrelevant across the board. Alcohol is a drug. As far as the literal drugs themselves, controlled dangerous substances, the most common is marijuana. However, you also can be facing these charges by taking prescriptions given to you by a doctor or taking something from over the counter for a cold or allergies. Any substance that make you drowsy that can be shown in a blood test to prove that you are under the influence of something that is not supposed to be in your system. Speak with an Anne Arundel DUI drug lawyer to learn more about drug-related DUI charges.

Legal Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

Legal and over-the-counter medications come with warnings on the side and one of them is that they can make you drowsy and you should not operate heavy machinery. If you happen to get behind the wheel of your vehicle and you are under the influence, you can be stopped and charged with a DUI. In such instances, contact a drug DUI lawyer in Anne Arundel immediately to start progressing with your defense.

Things that you would take for depression or anxiety or medicines for sleep, these are things that are commonly prescribed and commonly taken. Some of them are common drugs. Even if you take them the way they are supposed to be taken, you may have adverse reactions especially if you are not used to them or if you have changed the dosage. This can result in a DUI.

How Authorities Test for Drugs

Drugs are tested for mostly by blood. That is usually the most definitive way to test whether there is a drug present in someone’s system. However, in the process of doing all this Maryland has what they call a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) officer. That is specifically a law enforcement officer who has been trained in a series of tests and called to the scene after the first officer makes an observation of the presence of drugs. These steps are protocol. They are absolute tests that must be set forth in steps 1 through 12. Every step is very specific.

A DRE officer who has been trained is still just an officer. The tests they perform are a very specific set of 12 steps from someone who is not a medical professional. It is very important in those matters to get an experienced drug DUI attorney in Anne Arundel who knows how to address these matters and attack these cases.

Consult an Anne Arundel Drug DUI Lawyer Today

Getting charged with a drug-related in DUI can be a stressful process. There can be very serious recriminations related to these charges and hiring an Anne Arundel DUID lawyer to help guide you through your defense will make the process a little less stressful.