Annapolis Traffic Penalties

Annapolis traffic penalties can range from points on a person’s license to up to a year in jail. All minor traffic offenses such as driving ten miles over the speed limit could be considered misdemeanors. A felony traffic offense would be an incident in which a DUI collision resulted in a death. Distinguished traffic attorneys have a beneficial understanding of the court system, judges, and the state attorneys. Contact a lawyer if you are seeking a strong defense for any driving infractions you may be facing.

What is the Traffic Point System?

The point system associated with Annapolis traffic penalties ranges from one to 12, depending on the offense. For example, a speeding ticket for a person going 10 miles over the speed limit is two points, whereas if a person is going 30 miles over the speed limit it is five points. The person could jump up to 12 points for charges such as driving under the influence.

Points can be added to someone’s license in one of two ways. If an individual pays the payable ticket, the person is pleading guilty and the individual gets the points that are associated with that ticket. When a person goes to court and is found guilty, the points can be assessed, as well.

Aggravated Penalties Associated with Driving Violations

Annapolis traffic penalties can include fines up to $500 which translate into points that will be added to someone’s license. Jailable traffic offenses are often associated with other penalties such as traffic points and fines.

Traffic Infraction vs. Traffic Misdemeanor

Speeding infractions and misdemeanors mainly differ in the associated Annapolis traffic penalties. A misdemeanor, which can result in jail time, is a violation of the transportation article. This means, the penalty for a misdemeanor more severe than the penalty of an infraction. It can carry up to 60 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Receiving a speeding ticket can be considered an infraction. A speeding infraction does not recognize the difference in 30 miles over the speed limit or 15 miles over the speed limit, both would be considered a speeding infraction. Where the case for an infraction is held will likely depend on the jurisdiction of the offense.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

Often, when defending someone charged with a traffic violation an attorney’s goal is to advocate on behalf of the individual and help them create a defense in line with their desired outcome. Some defense strategies for Annapolis traffic penalties include challenging the equipment used by the police officer and whether the stop itself was reasonable. They may recommend the individual attend the driver improvement course to improve the way the court sees them.

People are typically worried about points and the way it impacts their insurance. Therefore, when facing Annapolis traffic penalties it can be important to consult an attorney who can advise the use of a strong argument. If someone gets a subsequent ticket without having addressed the first, they can face additional legal consequences. Speaking to an attorney can help you try to protect your rights from your initial offense.