Washington County Robbery Lawyer

As robbery inherently involves the use of threats, force, or violence toward others, the offense is a much more severe crime than other theft-related crimes. The penalties for a robbery conviction could include decades in prison for some situations. Consulting a Washington County robbery lawyer when facing these charges may be highly beneficial to you.

The element of threat or force is what sets robbery apart from regular larceny. This element changes the nature of the crime into one of violence and harm to other people, rather than a mere property crime. As the repercussions for a robbery conviction can be extremely serious, a theft lawyer may be your best option for obtaining a satisfactory outcome.

Robbery Charges in Washington County

Robbery involves theft or the unlawful taking of property belonging to others without their consent. However, robbery involves additional elements that make it a more severe criminal offense. Under Md. Code, Crim. Law § 3-401(e), a robbery occurs only when individuals use force or the threat of force to carry out the theft.

As a robbery lawyer in Washington County may advise, robbery also requires an intent to retain the stolen property either:

  • Permanently
  • For long enough to appropriate a portion of the property value
  • To restore it only upon the payment of a reward or other compensation
  • To dispose or alter the property in a way that makes it unlikely that the property owner will recover it

Not only does a robbery charge require the taking of property directly from another utilizing force, threats, or violence, but it also requires an intent to deprive the property owner of its benefit and use.

Robbery charges can apply to any property or thing of value. A robbery may involve the forceful taking of real estate, money, a commercial instrument, or an admission or transportation ticket. This offense might also involve a written instrument that contains rights of any item or services of value, things growing on land, things affixed to buildings or other structures, utility services, and animals, among others.

Aggravated Robbery Offenses

Robbery offenses may involve specific factors that enhance the charges to aggravated robbery. If an individual uses dangerous weapons to commit a robbery or display a written instrument representing that they have dangerous weapons, the offense becomes armed robbery or attempted armed robbery. Even if the accused persons do not have deadly weapons, they might still face an aggravated robbery charge.

Similarly, the offense of carjacking is a robbery of a motor vehicle that is in possession of others. Consistent with the definition of robbery, carjacking relies on individuals using threats, intimidation, or force toward another to carry out the offense. Using or displaying a dangerous weapon during a carjacking further elevates the charges and resulting penalties.

Penalties for Robbery in Washington County

Committing or attempting to commit robbery is a felony offense that can result in up to 15 years in prison. Based on the potential gravity of the penalties for robbery, individuals may benefit from consulting a local robbery attorney.

Armed robbery and attempted armed robbery both could result in a sentence of 20 years in prison upon a conviction. A carjacking, whether the accused individuals utilizing or display a dangerous weapon, can result in a maximum of 30 years in prison.

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A robbery conviction on your record could be devastating to your future. Your employment prospects may be much more limited with this offense on your criminal history. Only a Washington County robbery lawyer may be able to help you avoid this result.

Working with legal counsel may be the most effective means of creating a successful defense strategy in your case. Call right away to get started.