Building a Prince George’s County Third-Offense DUI Defense

While testing the court for a second-offense DUI is something few want, fewer end up pressing their luck a third time. When this happens, the court’s leniency has waned completely. You need to contact an attorney experienced with building a Prince George’s County third-offense DUI defense.

What Prince George’s County Prosecutors offer on a Third Offense DUI Charge

No diversion programs are offered for DUI. In fact, they may find a number of judges who would not give an alleged offender probation at all, just jail them. The judge would put them in jail for six to 12 months and when they are out. Third offense DUI convictions have already demonstrated that a person has a problem with alcohol. The question now would be whether or not they learned their lesson or whether they are going to do it again. If they do it again, it would violate their probation which is going to give them three years in jail. At that point, the judge would likely enforce maximum sentencing. If they are lucky and they get probation in a small window of time, it is going to be for the maximum in the district court, which is three years.

Drivers need to take a DUI charge seriously. Enlisting the services of an attorney who could begin building a third-offense DUI in Prince George’s County could be the first step toward a favorable outcome.

How Courts Treat Third-Offense DUI Charges

A third-offense scenario certainly grabs the attention of the court. Imagine what it is like for a judge who has an entire docket of 50 cases, all their first or second offense DUI. The odds that one of those cases is a third offense are probably one out of 50. However, a third-offense would certainly stand out. A judge would then want to enforce punishments to the max extent the law provides him or her. They have to impose a penalty, simply because they were appointed as a judge for that county, representing that county’s best interests, and it is in the best interest of that county to get them off the road, get them in jail, or penalize them in such a way that they do not mess up again. It is a horrible thing, but that is where a lot of these end up.

How Prince George’s County DUI Lawyers Build Defenses for Third-Offense DUI Charges

Defense attorneys are always focused on the case in front of them. It does not matter how many convictions a person has had in the past, a defense attorney could still work toward a favorable outcome for any alleged offender. While the past is the past, they could defend the facts of the case in front of them. No matter how many trials a defendant has gone through, each case presents a new opportunity to defend someone.

The experience of the defense attorney in similar other defenses, in other trials with similar judges or same judges, could be used to the advantage of the present defendant to prepare for trial.

The attorney cannot allude to the past, because if they do that, the judge would have a reason to not believe their present defense. What happened in past cases has no bearing on the present case.

How Defending a Third DUI is Different from a First or Second

Defending a third offense DUI is no different than a first time DUI except that the alleged offender faces a higher penalty and that creates more pressure on the attorney to deliver by building a Prince George’s County third-offense DUI defense. Otherwise, the defendant is going to probably end up in jail.

Speak to an Attorney Today

Building a Prince George’s County third-offense DUI defense is something an experienced attorney could do. However, it is up to you to take the first step and reach out to a lawyer who could help you mitigate sentencing and present your best self in court.