Common Maryland Gun Charges 

In Maryland, an individual can be charged with a gun crime simply by being in possession of a gun. When someone does not adhere to rules and laws, law enforcement can charge them with unlawful possession.

When facing a gun charge in Maryland, it is important that you contact an experienced Maryland gun lawyer to help you understand the charges. It is important that you do not have any misunderstandings of one of the common Maryland gun charges being brought against you.

Common Charges

If a person has a gun on their person and should not have it at that time, they can be charged with a gun crime in Maryland. If the gun is inside the person’s vehicle, it can also be a chargeable offense. This is often the most common gun charge in Maryland.

There are both criminal laws as well as public safety laws that come into play concerning Maryland gun charges. There are various departments that govern hunting and fishing regulations, including possession or use of a firearm on those grounds and specifically in that season.

There are many laws about guns in the Maryland, so people should be mindful when they have a gun on their person or in their home. Some things need to be done properly in terms of registration.

While the circumstances may vary between the common gun charges in Maryland, many gun possession charges are prosecuted the same. For example, a person may be pulled over with a gun in their car, the gun may not be stored correctly, the person may not disclose the possession of this gun, et cetera. Any of these common gun charges in Maryland can be charged by a lawyer.

When a person already has a prior gun charge and they face another gun charge against them, it is treated more harshly by the judge.

Understanding Conspiracy

Conspiracy to violate Maryland gun laws means that there is a suggestion that an individual and another person or persons were involved in some form of criminal activity related to guns. That could include gun trafficking or a violent act with the allegations of guns.

Attached Charges

When there is a criminal act, it is common for an individual to be charged with other offenses alongside the few common gun charges in Maryland. Many charges in Maryland stem from guns being found within a vehicle or on a person who does not know that they need some form of licensing and may be from out of state. Any of these elements can lead to an individual being charged with a gun crime in Maryland.

Determining Possession

A person does not necessarily have to have a gun on their person to be charged with one of the common gun charges in Maryland. For example, the gun can be within the vehicle and simply not stored properly.

When there is a gun in a bag in the back seat, for example, a person can be charged with possession of a handgun. The law enforcement officer can then try to charge them with having a handgun on their person. Generally, those citations are written side by side. The gun may not literally be on the person, but they can be charged.

The best way to store a gun is:

  • Completely away from any person
  • In the trunk of a vehicle
  • In a locked box
  • Completely disarmed with no bullets in the chamber or the cartridge
  • Ammunition stored separately

To further understand how to best store a gun and avoid criminal charges, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.