Maryland Underage DUI Prosecution 

Prosecutors and judges treat cases of underage DUI seriously because the judge wants to send the person a message that their behavior is unacceptable. At such a young age, they are treading down the wrong path. It can be a scary process, but with the right DUI lawyer, you can have a much smoother time.

Colleges and Police Officers

Baltimore County and Prince George’s County have a number of colleges, such as College Park and Towson University. Many young people live in Montgomery County and attend some of the DC schools like American University and the surrounding schools. Montgomery College is a big community college. It is no secret that a great deal of drinking by college students goes on in the area. That is why Maryland underage DUI prosecutions are harsh.

Law Enforcement

Police officers have a heightened presence in the most commonly known colleges in the local area. Towson University is a great example. In the downtown area of Towson in Baltimore County, every weekend starting on Thursday through Sunday, there is a larger presence of DUI taskforce enforcement that is no different Prince George’s County around College Park.

In fact, it is not just the local police. The state troopers and the University of Maryland Police Department are on Route 1. They are outside the bars stopping people who may be under the influence. The enforcement is there. If they are going to take that much time and effort to increase the enforcement and the visibility and a case goes to court, the state’ attorney and judge will aggressively prosecute the Maryland underage DUI case. A person who is arrested for an underage DUI in Maryland should take it seriously. That starts with hiring a lawyer right away.

Underage DUI vs. Regular DUI

An underage DUI charge is just as severe as any other DUI. Regardless of age, a DUI is a mistake. The judge looks at the circumstances and whether there are any prior convictions. A person must have a lawyer who knows how to separate them from the hundreds of other individuals charged with DUI.

First-Time Offense

A first-time offense may be an aberration of a person’s general character. The person should hire a lawyer and listen to their advice. They can send the person to the right places, get the necessary counseling, and go from there.

A college student should understand that if the university finds out about an underage DUI charge, they may take some form of honor code action against the person. That is regularly seen in College Park and Towson University. A person must be careful to avoid being expelled from school or suspended, which stays on the student’s record.

A conviction for DUI affects more than academics. It can jeopardize a person’s future if they want to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. Government contractors require a background check which would show a DUI conviction. The right lawyer can help a person prepare a defense to the charges to obtain a favorable outcome. To have support in an underage DUI prosecution in Maryland, a person needs a skilled lawyer.

Experienced Maryland DUI Lawyers

A person wants their lawyer to be more sensitive when they face am underage DUI charge. There are plenty of capable DUI lawyers in the state of Maryland. They need a lawyer who can humanize them and give the court a broad picture of how they are a young person with a bright future and the underage DUI is an unfortunate mistake that will not be repeated. A Maryland underage DUI prosecution does not have to be so arduous with the help of a trusted attorney.