Revoked and Suspended Licenses in Maryland

If you’ve run into legal trouble in the past, either due to a DUI/DWI or traffic violations, you may be worried about the prospect of having your Maryland driver’s license suspended. Keep reading for more information about the ways licenses are suspended in the state.

Point Suspension

In Maryland, a common reason for license suspension is that a driver has received a certain number of points on his or her driving record. The law says that if a driver amasses between 8 and 11 non-DUI points, then his or her license will be suspended.

DUI/DWI Suspension

Another way a Maryland driver’s license can be suspended is when a person receives driving infractions related to the consumption of alcohol or drugs. This category includes alcohol-related suspensions that occur due to the results of an alcohol breath test or even a person’s refusal to submit to such a test.

Medical Suspension

Another reason why a driver’s license can be suspended is if the MVA determines that a person’s medical issues render them either partially or totally unsafe to drive. If the MVA believes that a person poses a meaningful risk of harm to themselves or others, perhaps due to epilepsy, then the driver’s license will be suspended until the MVA can be assured that the condition no longer presents a threat.

Understanding A Revoked License In Maryland

As we’ve already mentioned, drivers in Maryland who manage to rack up between 8 and 11 points on their driving record face the frustration of a suspended license. Drivers who encounter even more legal trouble and accumulate 12 or more points in a two-year period face revocation of their driving privileges.

What is revocation?

Revocation sounds like serious stuff, right? Right. If your license is revoked that means it is officially gone, not merely suspended and waiting to be reactivated. That means that before you can ever drive again you will have to reapply, as if you never had the license in the first place.

Are there any options after revocation?

If your driver’s license has been suspended you can choose to either hand over your license or contest the revocation. If you don’t feel like fighting, then you simply need to turn over your license to the MVA, either in person or by mail. If you want to fight the decision then you can either consult an experienced Maryland defense attorney or follow the instructions on the back of your revocation notice.

What are the penalties for driving on a revoked license?

Driving on a revoked license is a serious offense in Maryland and drivers caught doing so face up to 12 months in jail, a $1,000 fine and a whopping 12 points on his or her driving record.

How To Get A Revoked Maryland Driver’s License Reinstated

If your driver’s license was revoked, either due to an abundance of points on your driving record or an alcohol/drug violation, the good news is that you might be able to get your license reinstated in the future, assuming you follow certain steps.

How long do you wait?

Maryland Lawyer for Revoked & Suspended LicensesThe first issue to tackle is how long you must wait before requesting that the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) reinstate your license once it has been revoked. The answer is that it depends on the number of times you have had your license revoked in the past. If you’ve had one revocation then you must wait 6 months before requesting a reinstatement. Two revocations require a 12-month wait while three revocations necessitate an 18-month waiting period. For four or more revocations, drivers must wait 24 months before requesting a reinstatement.

As a side note, your waiting period officially begins on the day that you turn in your driver’s license after it has been revoked or the date of the official revocation, whichever is later.

How to apply for reinstatement

If you’ve waited as long as you were supposed to and think you are a candidate for reinstatement, visit any MVA office and make a request. You’ll be asked for your name, address, date of birth and driver’s license number.
The MVA will then begin a review process, going over your driving record to ensure that issues have been dealt with to their satisfaction. Assuming there are no stumbling blocks, the MVA will then give you an application form. Once the application has been turned in, the MVA will review the matter and issue a final ruling that will be mailed to your home address, either granting or denying your request for reinstatement.

What happens next?

If the MVA granted your request for reinstatement, congratulations! This means you can take the letter to a local MVA office and apply for a new license. However, if you were denied it’s important to understand that you have the right to appeal your denial to the Office of Administrative Hearings. Information about how to conduct such an appeal can be found in your denial letter or by contacting an experienced Maryland defense attorney.

Contacting a Maryland DUI/DWI Lawyer

Suspension or revocation of your Maryland driver’s license can constitute a serious imposition on your livelihood. The ability to drive is a privilege and the state has the ability to take that opportunity away from you in certain situations. Seth Okin is a skilled Maryland criminal defense attorney who is well versed in handling both DUI/DWI and traffic offenses – both of which can lead to the suspension or revocation of your license. Do not hesitate to contact Seth Okin if you have any questions about suspended or revoked licenses in the state of Maryland. Mr. Okin offers a free initial consultation, and is ready and willing to discuss the facts of your case. Call (410) 782-0742 today.