Maryland First Time DUI Prosecution

Every DUI comes with penalties. In some of the charges, it carries greater than 90 days of incarcerable time, which allows a person as the defendant to choose. A person can do what is called a prayed jury trial and move the matter from district to circuit court.

If you are facing DUI charges, you will want an attorney with good solid foundation and knowledge of Maryland first time DUI prosecution. Having a skilled attorney is critical if you are facing first time DUI charges and want to obtain a positive outcome in your case.

First DUI Prosecution

Across the board, first, second, or third, the prosecutors prosecute these cases to make sure the person does not do it again. They are looking to make an impact on the person’s life and make something that they never forget.

When someone has a drink, they do not think much of it, get in their car and drive. If a person has one drink and they drive in those circumstances, drinking and driving are actually okay. But a person has two, they have three or four, they start climbing up down that ladder where their ability to drive is impaired in some fashion or they are under the influence of alcohol and they put the greater public at risk.


A judge understands it is easy to drink and drive. A person has a drink, they grab their keys and go. It is absolutely the most elemental thing. If a person goes out somewhere, they go out and they come home. But they also understand there is a lot of opportunities for the use of alternative methods of transportation, Uber, Lyft, have a designated driver, use the metro, all these things that are available to anybody to use. Use your own two feet and walk somewhere that is close.

But they understand that people can make a mistake. They may know better but, in the moment, they may have been okay. If a person at a 0.08, they are at the lower possible part of the limit for under the influence. Know that is something that they could look at but also understand, in Maryland, if a person is at 0.07 or even 0.06, they can prosecute that case as driving while impaired. Impairment does not have to be a 0.08 so it is still available to them to try and charge a case. A person just has to make the decisions there and understand that judges will be lenient if they can be. Not every judge is and that is why all these jurisdictions are distinctly different.


If a person is charged under the Transportation Article 21-902(a)(1), which is the DUI or (a)(2), DUI per se, the maximum penalty is a year in jail and a thousand-dollar fine on a first offense. First offense DUI prosecution in Maryland is going to be extensive to individuals who may have never faced criminal charges.

Importance of an Attorney

If you are facing drunk driving charges for your first offense, consult a Maryland DUI attorney. Consult assistance to best understand how the Maryland first time DUI prosecution system works so that you can be knowledgeable about this process. Having a legal representation during your first DUI case is critical to developing a strong defense case. It is critical that someone hires a skilled DUI attorney for their first DUI charges because Maryland first time DUI prosecution can be complicated.