Maryland Prescription Drug DUI Medical Information  

It is important to provide all prescription and medical information to an attorney when prescription drugs are involved in a Maryland DUI case. Everything about the individual is important to a lawyer, including any prescribed and over the counter medications they take in addition to their medical information. An experienced lawyer wants to know about any ailments the person has. It may be possible to find an expert to testify that the person was not under the influence. The lawyer needs to know about recent drug use that is prescribed, organized, and taken in a fashion that is consistent with the body itself. There may have been an adverse reaction that was beyond the person’s control that the person was not aware of.

Example Scenario

For example, a person takes a pill X times a day as prescribed. The presumption is that if a person is taking 5, 10, 20, 40 milligrams, the person started with a small dose and built up to a dose that is proper for the person so as to not adversely affect them and allow them to function. Perhaps the person developed an issue with their liver and the body’s ability to break something down over eight hours increased and almost doubled the half-life of a pill.

If a person takes a pill at nine o’clock at night and goes to bed, the presumption is eight hours later, by five o’clock in the morning, the pill has worn off. The person gets ready for the day and is out the door by 7 o’clock, two hours past when the effect of the pill should have worn off. Something is going on that they were unaware of and they start driving. The person is driving, having a medical emergency, and they should not be cited for driving under the influence, but they could be. During a Maryland prescription drug DUI, medical information is pertinent.

Importance of Information to Attorney

Telling a lawyer about everything is most important, especially information about medicines and prescriptions during a Maryland DUI case. The lawyer is not there to judge the person. They are there to protect the person. People might feel like they are being judged, but the person should trust their lawyer enough to tell them what is going on. The lawyer wants to be well prepared when the case goes trial. If a blood sample comes back and shows a wide variety of things that the lawyer is unaware of, they are is unprepared in court. The lawyer cannot properly protect their client or get an expert to testify on their behalf.

Aggravation of Prescription Drug DUI Charges

A drug found in the person’s system when they have no prescription is unfavorable evidence. When the person takes something they should not be taking and it is found in their system, everyone presumes the person is a drug addict. It is difficult to shake those stigmas. Maryland prescription drug DUIs can be especially serious when a person does not have the required medical information.

Necessary Information for Drug DUI Lawyer

With a DUI case, the lawyer obtains all the observable pieces of the driving including the vehicle and the vehicle in motion. They get the initial observations of the person from the officers such as the person having slurred, stammered speech, or bloodshot, watery eyes. These are immediate observations.

Videos from police body cameras are an essential piece of DUI evidence. The video shows exactly what happened. It can show definitively that somebody is under the influence and that the officer’s observations are consistent with doing their job and enforcing the law as written. All these things available to the defense lawyer from the initial phase of observation. The officer’s statements are important and the defense attorney wants everything as soon as possible from the state’s attorney’s office. Consult with a professional attorney for more on medical information during a Maryland prescription drug DUI case.