Are Commercial Drivers Treated Differently Under Maryland’s Drunk Driving Laws?

The short answer to the question is a resounding “Yes!” The fact is that while Maryland’s normal drunk driving laws are already tough, commercial vehicle drivers face even harsher punishments if they are found to have consumed alcohol before or while driving. Thus, retaining an experienced Maryland DUI attorney is paramount if you are a commercial driver facing such charges.

Drunk Driving Laws for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

Though it might come as a shock to many people, Maryland’s laws regarding drunk driving do not apply uniformly across the board to all drivers. Though most adults must abide by the state’s 0.08 percent BAC limit, commercial motor vehicle drivers can be punished severely if they are found driving with half that amount of alcohol in their system. From a policy perspective, some argue that this is an appropriate use of the state’s police power. Treating commercial truckers differently under the law is warranted because such vehicles have the capacity to cause significantly more damaging accidents. However, a commercial driver’s license (CDL) disqualification can be a career-ending punishment for the individual implicated by the charge.

The law says that anyone with a commercial driver’s license can be cited for driving with a BAC of 0.04 or greater. This seemingly low BAC level is enough to bring DUI charges against a commercial driver, something that can greatly impact a driver’s ability to earn a living.

Problems With These Laws

The problem with regulations that direct especially harsh punishment at commercial vehicle drivers is that these people earn money on the road. Though drunk drivers should certainly suffer consequences for their actions, those who hold a CDL don’t face ordinary punishment, but total financial ruin. For those commercial truckers who act as the sole income earner of their family, any restriction on their ability to drive results in their inability to provide for their families. Commercial drivers, more than most, have a real incentive to contact an experienced Maryland defense attorney in the event of a drunk driving arrest.

Whether your problem is a serious criminal offense or a more minor traffic violation, the fact is legal trouble can impact your life in substantial ways. When faced with such charges, your future can be in serious jeopardy. An experienced Maryland CDL DUI attorney can greatly increase your odds of a good outcome in such cases. Morevoer, such an attorney understands the implications of criminal charges, and will work zealously to defend your rights and advocate for your interests. If you have questions and need some trusted advice, contact Maryland DUI attorney Seth Okin at (410) 782-0742 today.